Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson: How She Really Feels About Being Called His ‘Girlfriend’ On ‘SNL’

Colin Jost went ahead and DTR'ed for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale on the latest 'SNL' episode, but did Kate appreciate the 'girlfriend' label on live TV? We've learned if it 'scored points with Kate.'

Before Pete Davidson, 25, and Kate Beckinsale, 45, could define their relationship to the public, Colin Jost did it for them. The Saturday Night Live comedian asked Pete, his co-host on the show’s Weekend Update segment, about his “new girlfriend situation” on March 9. After dropping the G word, Pete didn’t correct him…but it’s not like he had to. “Kate was not blindsided by Pete’s comments [about their relationship on SNL],” a source close to The Widow star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. That’s because Kate was in on the joke all along! “She knew he was going to talk about their relationship,” our source explains. “He’s very respectful of her, he made sure to get her blessing. Kate thought it [Pete’s bit] was hilarious.”

Aside from having a laugh over the “girlfriend” bit, Kate thought it was actually chivalrous of Pete to not downplay their relationship on televison. “He’s such a gentleman, he went on SNL and claimed her as his girlfriend. That scored points with Kate, she loved it,” our source reveals. But Kate also thought the joke about age gaps in relationships was “very accurate.” That’s because her beau pointed out the sexist double standard when women are older than their boyfriends, instead of vice versa. After Colin asked about Pete’s “new girlfriend situation,” he replied, “Oh yeah. Apparently people have a crazy fascination with our age difference. But it doesn’t really bother us, but then again, I’m new to this.” Pete then said to defer any questions about “relationships with a big age difference” to Leonardo DiCaprioJason StathamMichael DouglasRichard GereJeff GoldblumScott Disick and 17 other male stars — Donald Trump included.

Kate was just happy Pete could deliver much-needed social commentary. “So many other couples have an age gap and as long as it’s older men with younger women, no one seems to bat an eye. But because it’s the other way around everyone is talking about it,” our source points out. “But Pete doesn’t care what anyone is saying, he has no issue [with the age difference] and neither does Kate. They relate on a soul to soul level, age has nothing to do with it. It helps that Pete has endless confidence, that’s very sexy to Kate.”

But Kate doesn’t need a man to defend her relationship! She and Pete caused an uproar of memes after they had a very public makeout session at a NY Rangers ice hockey game on March 3, right besides Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. After one meme poked fun at the lack of attention Antoni was receiving, Kate replied, “Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all #queereye.” Boom.

As you can see, Kate and Pete are unbothered — and this was especially reflected by Pete’s happy demeanor while out and about in Los Angeles two days after his latest SNL episode aired. “Pete arrived to Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood with three male friends for lunch around 1:00 pm today,” an eyewitness EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The group dined for about an hour. Pete looked really happy. He was all smiles and led a lot of the conversation. There were no paparazzi outside and he was friendly with the staff. You could tell he was trying to keep a low profile, but nobody bothered him. He looked great, too!”

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