‘Women Tell All’: Katie Reveals What She Overheard Cassie & Caelynn Talking About

All eyes were on Katie Morton during 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' special, and she spilled ALL the tea about why she felt Cassie and Caelynn weren't on the show for the right reasons.

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Katie Morton caused quite a stir on season 23 of The Bachelor — but most of her impact happened AFTER she left the show! Before being eliminated by Colton Underwood, Katie overheard a conversation between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Cassie Randolph off-camera that concerned her and led her to believe that the women had motives for being on the show aside from falling in love with Colton. Katie warned Colton about intentions of some of his remaining women when she left, but he wasn’t told who the ladies in question were until Tayshia Adams confronted him with the information the next week. Unfortunately, Tayshia had no evidence aside from word-of-mouth, and she didn’t know the specifics of what Katie overheard, so Colton and The Bachelor viewers were left confused about who/what to believe.

Luckily, Katie was in attendance at the Women Tell All special on March 5 to FINALLY spill the details on what she heard. She explained that the alleged conversation went down on a bus ride, during which she was sitting behind Caelynn and Cassie, and heard them talking about wanting to be the next Bachelorette. “I was close with them, but I just saw that what they seemed to value in their life at this point in their life didn’t seem to line up with what Colton wanted,” Katie said. “The Bachelorette conversation did happen. It was talking about ‘one of us winning and one being the Bachelorette after this.’ It was the word winning…I didn’t feel it was something to be won. I felt like it was a relationship to work for.”

Of course, Caelynn fired back with her version of the story. “Obviously, Cassie and I are best friends,” she admitted. “We were worried about what would happen if one of us would be engaged at the end. I said…Cassie, if it’s me, I pray that you’re the Bachelorette and you find your person…because that’s what best friends do. And she said the same.”

Caelynn took things a step further, though — she claimed that she and Katie had a phone call after the show, during which Katie allegedly admitted that Caelynn’s version of the story is what happened. However, Katie viciously denied this. “I’m shaking,” she ranted. “That’s the manipulation that Hannah [Brown] warned Colton about. [Caelynn], I thought you were going to come up here and say, ‘You know what, I’m sorry. It was an innocent thing to say.’ That’s why I didn’t bring it up to Colton. But you admitted it to me on the phone!”

Caelynn explained that she was mostly angry at Katie for assuming she wasn’t ready for marriage. “You can never tell another woman whether or not they’re ready for marriage!” she explained, to which Katie replied, “I was just saying you might not be ready for what he wanted right now. Everything he wanted right now was not what you were saying you wanted right now.”

Meanwhile, Caelynn’s frenemy, Hannah, took Katie’s side, although she admitted that she didn’t want to get in the middle of the beef. “When the bus conversation happened, I remember that moment,” she said. “I’m not trying to get into it…but it was more of what Katie said.” Overall, the situation between Katie and Caelynn wasn’t resolved, and it remains a case of ‘she said/she said.’

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