The Truth About Whether Big Sean’s Ex Jhené Aiko Is Upset He’s Hanging Out With Other Ex Ariana

Jhené Aiko has 'no interest' in getting back together with Big Sean! A source close to her told HL EXCLUSIVELY whether she's bother by Sean & Ariana Grande's reunion on Feb. 28!

Fans of Jhené Aiko, 30, were up in arms over pictures that surfaced of her rumored ex Big Sean, 30, reuniting with his ex Ariana Grande, 25, whom he dated until 2015, outside of a Los Angeles recording studio on Feb. 28. And while Jhené’s split with Big Sean was never confirmed (she covered up a tattoo of his face in Nov., 2018), a source close to Jhené told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Jhené is doing just fine without him. “No one should worry about Jhené,” our source told us. “She and Big Sean are over, and they’ve been over for a while now. Jhené has no interest in getting back with Sean. She’s focused on her work, on growing as an individual and as an artist.”

Since her rumored split with Big Sean in the fall, which led Jhené to drop a single about a failed relationship called “Wasted Love Freestyle” in Dec. 2018, Jhené has been all about self-care. “She has been doing a lot of soul-searching and taking care of herself since she and Sean split up,” our source told us. “She’s been writing a lot, and working a lot, that’s helped her heal. She honestly isn’t paying attention to who Sean is hanging out with and doesn’t care.”

And while Jhené is content to have parted ways with Big Sean, the rapper is open to getting back together with Grande after the nighttime meet-up. “Big Sean never imagined he would be hanging out with a single Ariana again. He never stopped caring about her and is definitely still attracted to her,” a source close to the rapper told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He feels bad about how things ended and although they’re just hanging out as friends, he would love the opportunity to give their relationship another shot when the time is right.”

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