‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Thieves Break Into Brielle Biermann’s Car & The Family’s Left Shaken

Brielle Biermann became the victim of a terrifying robbery during the Feb. 22 episode of 'Don't Be Tardy', when thieves smashed the window of her vehicle and stole her purse!

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Image Credit: Bravo

What a close call that was during the Feb. 22 episode of Don’t Be Tardy! Just 20 minutes after Brielle Biermann, 21, returned home to her parents’ house at 2am, two thieves were seen entering their property via the security camera attached to the Biermann’s front gate. Then, the unidentified intruders smashed the window on Brielle’s vehicle and took her purse. Fortunately, that was all that was taken, but had they come just 20 minutes earlier, something bad could have happened to Brielle. And Kim Zolciak and her husband, Kroy, realized that, following the attack, so they signed the family up for a gun safety course so they could get serious about protecting themselves against any future attacks. Surprisingly, Kim and Brielle were the best target shooters of the group, so those thieves might want to think twice about coming near the Biermann household again anytime in the near future. We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, let’s hope that was the one and only time their property gets broken into.

Later, Brielle went hunting for apartments. But not because of the robbery — Brielle had already expressed interest in moving out. And this week, she finally found a place. But Kim and Kroy were beyond furious when she broke the news. Especially because the apartment Brielle wanted to move into would cost her $6300 per month. Yes, really. Small apartments in NYC don’t even cost that much, so we have no idea why her apartment would be so expensive. Either way, Kim and Kroy told her she’d be throwing her money down the drain if she signed that least. Instead, they suggested she live in a more affordable apartment and put the rest of her money into savings. But Brielle insisted on following through with her plan since she claims to make a ton of money by just posting something on Instagram.

Finally, because of Brielle’s plan to move out, Ariana called dibs on her big sister’s room in the Biermann household. And Ariana also practiced driving with Kroy, while he questioned her about her future. She still doesn’t think she wants to go to college, but he told her that’d be a bad idea.

What’s with the Biermann women making bad decisions?

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