Summer Bunni Hurt By BF Soulja Boy Spreading Rumor He’s Dating Blac Chyna To Fuel Tyga Feud

Souja Boy and Tyga have been openly feuding and now Soulja has been sharing pics hinting that he's dating T's ex Blac Chyna. That has his actual boo Summer Bunni feeling so devastated and hurt.

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Poor Summer Bunni! She’s been secretly dating Soulja Boy, 28, on the down low since the start of January, but he’s been fronting lately like he’s with Blac Chyna, 30. The “Crank That” rapper has been posting pics of them together looking super close at a post-Grammys party on his Instagram and a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that he’s doing it to mess with Chyna’s baby daddy ex and Soulja’s enemy Tyga, 29. “Soulja Boy has had an ongoing feud with Tyga over who had the biggest comeback of 2018. Now, Soulja, or someone from his team, is spreading rumors that he is dating Chyna in order to fuel the fire with Tyga. Soulja Boy is trying to create drama with Tyga by putting it out there that he’s dating Blac Chyna,” a source close to the situation tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“In reality, Soulja Boy has been dating Summer Bunni since the first week of January this year. But Soulja is keeping his relationship with Summer on the low, since he wants to keep promoting his relationship with Chyna to upset Tyga. Summer is hurt by this because she really does like Soulja, and while Summer feels they are in a committed relationship, she is conflicted with the recent events,” the insider continues.

The feud flared up when Soulja Boy appeared on Power 105.1FM’s The Breakfast Club on Jan. 16 and dissed Tyga, claiming he  couldn’t possibly have had the biggest 2018 comeback because he “lost his b***h to Travis Scott.” Ouch!  Tyga then clapped back hard by posting screenshots of his and Soulja’s Spotify records from last year, which showed Tyga’s 884 million streams on the app compared to Soulja’s 98 million.

Not only is Soulja fronting in pics like he’s Chyna’s new man, he also has been linked to IG hottie Tiona Fernan. However our source tells us, “Despite Soulja Boy tagging, and claiming he is linked to Instagram model, Tiona Fernan, Soulja Boy is not dating her.” Well at least THAT has to be a relief to Summer Bunni. We’ve reached out to all reps for all parties involved for comment.


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