50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather Over His Knee-High Boots & Escalates Feud Once Again

Another day, another Floyd Mayweather diss. On Feb. 13, 50 Cent couldn’t resist trolling the former boxing champ – again – for wearing burgundy knee-high boots in the ring. Read the rapper’s diss.

50 Cent trolls Floyd Mayweather
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When it comes to adding fuel to the flames of his feud with Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, is permanently here for it. On Feb. 13, the 43-year-old New Yorker took to Instagram to troll his one-time friend with a mock-up photo of the boxer wearing a pair of knee-high burgundy boots. He added the comment, “Champ be like what, these boots cost 8k. LOL #brandsoncognac.” 50 also added, “#lecheminduroi,” which is a reference to his champagne brand Le Chemin du Roi. SEE 50 CENT’S COMMENT HERE.

But this diss didn’t come out of just nowhere. Fans who have been following the longstanding feud between these two will know that, two days earlier, the rapper shared The Shade Room’s Instagram post comparing Floyd’s recent outfit (a burgundy leather jacket with matching leather boots and black pants) to a similar look that R&B singer Mary J. Blige rocked. Floyd, 41, was snapped wearing the outfit in the ring, but Mary, 48, was at an event. The Shade Room captioned that post with, “#TSRBruhStoleMyLook: Speaking of looks! Who hit this burgundy jacket & boots to match look harder?! #MaryJBlige or #FloydMayweather?!” In his mind, 50 said that Mary nailed it. Floyd? Not so much, apparently. The cheeky rapper wrote, “I think Mary rocked this better, Champ look like a f*cking jockey. Lol.”

50’s fans clearly love the ongoing celeb feud. One person responded to the rapper’s first fashion jab by writing, “Never really cared for Floyd…so keep the memes coming. Lmao!” Another fan wrote, “I swear @50cent ur a mess. Gotta love your sense of humor… lol.”

If you’re wondering what initiated the feud between the former friends, Floyd broke it down in a July 2018 interview with Complex. He said, “50 Cent, I’ve always been a great friend to him, always. The guy stayed at my house plenty of times, we travel, we laugh, we had fun. If you choose not to be my friend no more, then so be it.” Asked what he thought went wrong between them, the former boxer alleged it was because the rapper was trying to “remove Al Haymon” (his manager) from a boxing promotion company. But, if you’re expecting Floyd to slam 50 Cent on social media, think again. He told the magazine, “I said enough is enough… I don’t bash no one on social media. I don’t talk bad about no one on social media. I wish 50 nothing but the best.”

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