Michael Bublé Gets Confused By Bubly’s Name In Soda’s Funny Super Bowl Commercial

Bublé? No, Bubly. In the Super Bowl 53 commercial for soda Bubly, crooner Michael Bublé hilariously gets mixed up over how to pronounce ‘Bubly.’

After this, no one will mispronounce Michael Bublé’s name again…or EVERYONE is going to pronounce it. No matter what the outcome, one thing is certain: he’s pretty hilarious in Bubly’s Super Bowl commercial. At the start of the ad for the sparkling water, Michael, 43, walks into a convenience store and comes upon comedian Aparna Nancherla, 37, pulling out a can of Bubly from the cooler. “Blackberry Bublé,” Michael says. “My favorite.”

“You mean ‘Bubly,’ ” the Corporate star asks the singer, causing a chain-reaction of hilarity that ends with Michael grabbing a Sharpie marker to add an “é” on cans of Bubly, all while insisting it’s pronounced “Bublé.” For anyone who has ever experienced a similar situation, where it seems no one can accurately pronounce your last name, this commercial cuts a bit close to the bone. Thankfully, it’s pretty funny.

“With this spot, we knew we had one job to do—get people to crack a smile—and there was one person we knew could help us do it: Michael Bublé,” Stacy Taffet, vice president of the water portfolio for PepsiCo, in a statement, per AdWeek. “With his help, not only do we get to set the record straight that it’s Bubly, not Bublé, but we also get to introduce Bubly’s four new flavors—all featuring their own witty tab greetings and can sayings that Bubly fans have come to know and love.”

Michael wasn’t the only one bringing the funny in the ad, as Aparna was the perfect pairing with the crooner. “It just felt like already to do a Super Bowl commercial is pretty, pretty insane, but then to do it with Michael Bublé, who I am a fan of and have been for a while, I was like, ‘Well this feels like a dream,’ ” she told Parade magazine, while describing Michael as “natural charmer…If you had to pick someone to spend a day drinking sparkling water with, he measures up,”

“I was wondering if they just did a search of comedians who had jokes about sparkling water because I thought it was such a funny coincidence,” she added. “It’s just very much been one foot in front of the other. And I think it’s led to opportunities like this Bubly spot. But definitely it’s not something that I could have predicted or would have even guessed like a couple of years ago would be in the works.”

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