‘L&HH New York’: Juelz Santana Proposes To Kimbella Before Heading To Prison

Love was definitely in the air during the Jan. 28 episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York', when Juelz Santana surprised Kimbella by getting down on his knee and proposing to her!

Image Credit: Courtesy of VH1

With just a short amount of time left before he’ll be forced to begin his prison sentence, Juelz Santana took advantage of his freedom by getting down on one knee and proposing to his longtime love, Kimbella, during the Jan. 28 episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Juelz was in the middle of a performance inside the Apollo Theater in NYC, when he brought Kimbella out on stage, confessed his love for her, and presented her with a 6 carat diamond ring! It was super sweet and extra romantic, so we weren’t surprised to see her say yes when he asked her to marry him. Heck, we’d probably do the same for a diamond that big! We kid, we kid — but the ring is amazing! And Kimbella seemed really ecstatic over the romantic gesture.

Sadly, it almost didn’t happen though. Juelz’ mom shared her concerns over him proposing since his brother doesn’t really like Kimbella. Juelz admitted that when he and Kimbella were going through one of their rough patches, his brother took his side and hasn’t warmed up to Kimbella since then. But even so, Juelz knew where his heart lies, so he went ahead and proposed anyway. And we’re so happy that he did!

Meanwhile, Sidney Starr revealed that she had been taking hormones for 15 years and was finally ready to move forward with gender reassignment surgery. So she made an appointment with a surgeon and received a lot of info about the procedure and what sort of setbacks she might face. Sidney told the doctor that she wanted a vagina that could handle a 10-inch penis, but he said that typically with this surgery, they can only achieve a depth of 6-7 inches. She seemed disappointed by that, but still wanted to move forward with the procedure. That was until the doctor also told her that there’s a chance they could accidentally poke a hole in her rectum, which would mean she could end up having poop come out of her vagina. Sidney was floored by this information, and so were we.

Later, Maggie expressed interest in starting a music career as a way to help her overcome her PTSD. Her man seemed interested in helping her, but then she was blindsided by the fact that he let Alexis Skyy record a song that she was interested in. So Maggie and her man had a major fight in the studio, when he said she should be focusing on building a career in business, not music.

Finally, Rich Dollaz and his daughter Ashley struggled over the possibility of his ex (and her mom) going to prison. She’s currently facing 20 years for shooting and killing her boyfriend, and the judge won’t allow any sort of plea deal. Ashley considered quitting college to help raise her siblings, but Rich said that won’t be happening — not now and not ever.

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