‘Shameless’ Recap: Lip & Tami’s Relationship Takes A Shocking Turn

Fiona is spiraling, and Ford's reappearance during the Jan. 27 episode of 'Shameless' didn't help. Plus, Lip does something truly jaw-dropping after a fight with Tami.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Showtime

Things haven’t changed that much for Fiona since the last episode. She’s still drinking in the morning and in the shower. But Debbie’s not going to let Fiona get away with not paying the bills anymore. The bills are in Debbie’s name now, and she’s charging for everything. Lip wants Debbie to cut Fiona a break, since Fiona has been carrying the Gallagher kids for years. Good point, Lip. As Fiona is fighting to get the water cut back on, Ford shows up to get his carpenter tools. Fiona claims she doesn’t have them. This one glimpse of Ford just sets Fiona off for the day.

Kelly’s dad has found out she’s been skipping softball camp to hang out with Carl. When Carl shows up at Kelly’s house, his dad points a gun at him. Carl’s told he can’t see Kelly anymore, but Kelly doesn’t care about what her dad says. He tries to break up with her because he thinks he’s messing up her future.

Lip is participating in a 5K honoring Tami’s mom. Tami’s sister, Cory, hits on Lip and doesn’t even try to hide it. Lip is also introduced to Tami’s ex-boyfriend, Boone, who is a war hero. He finds out that Boone is staying with Tami and says he doesn’t care about it. But he totally does. Tami shows up later at the Gallagher house. “Did you f**k him?” Lip asks after taking a shower. Holy abs! Tami replies, “Does it matter?” This is clearly a major issue for them, and she storms out. Lip does some more self-destructing and has sex with Tami’s sister!

Ingrid is pregnant with not just one, but SIX embryos. Her doctor wants to terminate at least 3 due to safety, but Ingrid wants to keep all of them. Frank and Ingrid move into the Gallagher with her six embryos.

Ford arrives at Patsy’s looking for his tools again. Fiona throws plates of food at him and flips out on a customer who bumped into her. Later, she takes a boxing class and punches her hot instructor (by accident). He asks her out for a drink, but she gives him a hard no.

Santiago helps Liam make money for Debbie’s bills. Meanwhile, Kev and V search for Santiago’s uncle. There’s also a Hobo Loco contest going on, and someone from the South Side is likely about to become the new spokesperson. Most likely Frank because he’s a lucky SOB.

After Ingrid has Carl and Kelly create vision boards, Kelly realizes she doesn’t have dreams of her own. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She tells her dad that she wants to go to Annapolis, but she wants to be with Carl. Her dad doesn’t ask questions.

Fiona actually does have Ford’s tools and destroys a house with them. She passes out on the sidewalk after she’s done. Can someone help a girl out? Lip goes to Tami’s place. “I f**ked your sister,” he confesses. Tami claims that doesn’t bother her, but she later goes back on it. They agree to not have sex with other people. Adulting at its finest!

Debbie changes the locks, so Liam and Fiona are left on the outside because they didn’t pay the bills. “You’re never going to screw over women?” Fiona asks Liam. He says he doesn’t know because he’s not sure if he’s into women. He tells Fiona he’s “keeping my options open.” But he does promise to never screw over women. Debbie gets off her high horse and lets her siblings in for the night. Just another day with the Gallaghers!