Brandi Cyrus Reveals If She’ll Make Music With Miley & Family: Plus, What They Do When They All Hang Out

Brandi Cyrus, older sister of Miley & Noah, revealed if a 'Cyrus family tour' is happening during an EXCLUSIVE chat with HL! Find out more family fun facts, like their group chats and Brandi's sweet bond with Miley.

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Given how just about everyone in the Cyrus family is musically gifted, we’ve long awaited one big collab — Partridge family style! Brandi Cyrus, 31, who’s a DJ herself, revealed that yes — it’s actually an idea her parents and five siblings have entertained during an EXCLUSIVE chat with HollywoodLife! “Yeah! I feel like anytime my family gets together to do things and collaborate it’s never planned,” Brandi told HL at the opening of Culver City’s Margot rooftop bar, which she was DJ’ing. “We’re very spontaneous about it. I wouldn’t rule it out but nothing’s been planned yet.” And that’s not the only idea they’ve tossed around! “We joke a lot about a Cyrus family tour,” Brandi, who’s the eldest sibling, continued. “It’s something that fans will tweet at us and say, ‘You guys should do a tour,’ and one day we were sitting around like, ‘Maybe we should do a tour!'” Yes, seriously!

Alas, there are no concrete plans as Brandi added, “But it’s just one of those things — Nothing’s planned, but it’s something we joke about now and then. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened someday, but I don’t know.” Still, Brandi has given the tour some thought. If the family did hit the road, their show would be in “every genre,” as everyone has their own sound. “Braison is doing music now, he just did Jimmy Fallon [The Tonight Show]. He’s got his country rock swagger thing going on. Trace is still doing more electronic music and you’ve got Miley and Noah who do pop,” Brandi said about four of her younger siblings. “I can play a little bit of everything. I’ve got more of that hip hop/urban vibe, and then you’ve got my dad [Billy Ray], the kind of country. I think it would be really fun!”

But Brandi doesn’t only talk music when the whole family’s gathered! Miley, who just put out her collab with Mark Ronson, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” often seeks out her older sister’s advice for upcoming tracks! “She loves playing music for me and my mom [Tish], specifically when she’s working on it and she’s got demos. She loves to drive around in the car and kind of play the album or play different songs for us and kind of see — ‘Do you like this? What do you think for a single?'” Brandi shared. “[Miley] definitely likes to bounce off of us and get validation which is really cool. It’s fun for me to hear it in different stages as a demo and then get to hear it when it’s out. It’s cool to see that process.”

“I don’t think [Miley] has a tour planned yet, so I really have no idea, and you never know with her,” Brandi continued. But the DJ, who also co-hosted the Bravo show Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer with her mom, was clued in on another project. “[Miley] actually sent me a new remix of ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ to play tonight. I think I have the exclusive for once,” Brandi joked during our chat. We’re not surprised, as Brandi explained, “Miley and I have always had the kind of relationship that even if we’re not together all of the time or even if I haven’t talked to her in awhile, all she’s got to do is pick up the phone if she needs something. And I think that’s such a special thing to have with family and we all definitely have that.”

It’s true, as the Cyrus clan recently spent the holidays in Nashville, where Miley recently bought a home with husband Liam Hemsworth. Brandi gushed that it “was such a great time,” adding, “Everyone being together and everyone being so happy. It was just awesome!” But what do they do when they all reunite under one roof? “We’re all such homebodies. When we do have that time, we’re always just chilling at someone’s house whether it’s Miley’s house or Noah’s house or my parents house or my house,” Brandi, who lives in Denver, mused. “We just hang! When we were younger a lot of times my dad would whip out guitars and we’d all sit around and play music together but I think now that we’re older we’re comfortable being with each other and just kind of enjoying the stillness.”

But most of the time, there are miles between the family — so everyone stays in touch via memes and whatnot. “There’s some group chats floating around,” Brandi told us. “My dad still has a Blackberry. He’s stuck in the dinosaur age. He doesn’t partake in the group chat. Every now and then someone will start one, throwing some photos or memes in and what not. When I’m out here, I’m pretty lucky to see most of them. Noah lives here, my parents live here most of the time, Miley’s here now — I saw her this morning.”

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