LeeAnne Locken Reveals Her ‘RHOD’ Beauty Essentials & Previews ‘Color Me Crazy’ Season 3

'RHOD's LeeAnne Locken continues to prove that she can do it all with her latest products, and she tells HollywoodLife her plans for season 3 of 'Color Me Crazy'! Get that scoop and her on-camera beauty essentials!

LeeAnne Locken
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The Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken is a triple threat! — She can entertain on-camera whether it’s commercials or TV shows and she’s business and beauty savvy. The Texas native chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Hollywoodlife to keep us informed on her latest beauty tips and her new business ventures. Catch up with LeeAnne, below!

As she enters her third season of RHOD, the Bravo star knows a thing or two about getting her makeup to last during a long day of filming. “Since the first season of ‘RHOD’ I have learned so much!… Oh, and I learned about makeup,” she gushed. Her quick tips: Don’t use blush too heavily; Always wear eye lashes; And, [get] lip stain that lasts 4-6 hours. “It’s a necessity!”, LeeAnne said of the lip stain.

The self-described “social butterfly” previously admitted that after three seasons of RHOD, she learned so much about herself and her cast mates. “I have always been the kind of person who loves to grow! I focus on getting better not bitter… Believing in myself is a daily routine.” And that’s the type of confidence that’s led her to so much success on and off camera.

In such a short time, LeeAnne has created a clothing line to “Shop My Style,” along with accessories like her signature eye mask with one-liners from the Bravo star, herself, as well as her popular “Color Me Crazy” adult coloring book.

“I had thought about doing a coloring book since 2017, [around] the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it together until this year. Now, I’m looking forward to producing one after every season! I think it’s a fun way to share some of the memorable moments from the past season. [I’m] hoping to have a new book ‘Color Me Crazy’ season 3 out by Valentines Day [2019], just so I can share the love!”

About that eye mask! — “The eye mask, I wanted to do the second the trailer dropped for season 3 [RHOD]. I finally got it done around the airing of the episode where I said the line.” The epic line printed on her mask. “I honestly didn’t even remember saying it! I actually argued with a producer that I never said it, then the trailer dropped and I was like…. I might be crazy! LOL They are actually almost completely sold out so I guess a few people found it to be as funny as I did!”

If there’s one thing LeeAnne knows about business, it’s how to separate herself from her competition. “I think what separates these two products from other HW’s [housewives’] products is that I am the only one making fun of myself. I learned a long time ago that if you can’t laugh at yourself life can get pretty ‘EXHAUSTING’!” — Fans can catch up on parts one and two of The Real Housewives of Dallas [season 3] reunion only on Bravo!

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