David Eason: Terrified Woman Alleges Jenelle Evans’ Husband Chased Her With A Gun – ‘I Was Petrified’

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, allegedly frightened an innocent woman who was simply driving down a public road and we spoke with her in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

David Eason chased woman with gun
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Kelli Britt Faulk/@easondavid88/Instagram

Jenelle Evans‘ husband, David Eason, is known brandishing a weapon whenever he pleases! And the former Teen Mom 2 star was allegedly at it again when he came “flying down the road” towards Sandra Britt, 57, on Jan. 12. The North Carolina real estate agent EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife who recounted her frightening experience that day. “I had just dropped my granddaughter off at choir practice at church. Right now my daughter is living with me, so I was looking at rental properties for her. I know that area very well, I have family there and I’ve lived there for five years,” she explained.

“There’s not a lot of residents that live on this particular road, and typically this road has a reputation of people dumping things they want to get rid of such as old sofas. So, I’m driving down the road and not going too fast because I’m trying to check out houses for rent, and I see this really nice mailbox and black iron gate,” Sandra continued. “I backed up a little bit to check it out, but I never pulled into the driveway of the house where the mailbox and gate were located, I never got off of the state maintained road at any time,” she made sure to point out.

“Next thing I know I’m looking in my mirror and there is a four wheeler behind me, flying down the road just chasing me. All of a sudden he pulls over to the left of me and he is over there cussing at me with every breath that he could cuss. He started shouting at me, ‘What do you want, you f***ing b***h? This is my lane, what are you doing on my lane?! What are you looking at my lane for?’” Sandra explained how terrified she felt and couldn’t believe this was happening to her. “I pulled over and shrugged my shoulders and was like, ‘Excuse me?’ He was talking very vulgar, I mean very vulgar. I’m just glad nobody else was in the car with me because it was that bad,” she added.

“Then I noticed on his hip he had some kind of a big pistol and he put his hand on it. He said, ‘I have a gun here, and I will use it and I will shoot you. You come back up here and I will shoot you!’ Then he started to do donuts in the dirt with his truck and off he went,” Sandra explained. “So I start driving off and making my way to the end of the road and I was fiddling with my phone to call my daughter because when I first looked at him I thought he was somebody that my daughter went to school with. I was driving a little bit slow because I was trying to call my daughter and fiddling with my phone, but at this point I thought he had driven off.”

She went on, “But apparently I hadn’t dialed quick enough and here he comes again. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he is going to shoot me.’ I’ve already seen the man’s gun and he was in a rage the first time I saw him, I mean, a rage! At this point I’m getting ready to call 911 and I really thought I was going to see Jesus on Saturday. And then all of a sudden I see him start taking pictures of my car and I’m trying to dial 911 and I was just petrified.”

“After he finally drove away I got out of the car and knocked on the neighbors door because I was scared and I didn’t know what he was going to do. One neighbor answered and I told her what happened and she said, ‘Oh honey, our life is a nightmare down here, with this man.’ I called 911 and the sheriffs department and told them to meet me down here.” Sandra then explained to us that she got in touch with her daughter and saw that David had posted the pictures he took of her mom’s car on social media and that it was “reality star” David Eason who had chased her down, and definitely not the boy she went to school with.

We also spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Sandra’s daughter, Kelli Britt Faulk, who told us, “My mom had just got done dropping off my oldest daughter at piano lessons at church while I stayed at the house and kept my youngest daughter and niece. She was killing time while my daughter was having lessons so she decided to look for property that was for sale and could possibly be up for sale in the area.” Kelli was the daughter that Sandra was desperately trying to get ahold of while she was allegedly being chased by david. “She was parked on the side of the road when he comes flying up behind her on his four wheeler and pulled a gun on her. He told her that he would shoot her and threatened to kill her if he saw her back there. They claim she was on their property, however she was on a public road. Not anywhere on their property.”

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