The Good Doctor’ Recap: Does Dr. Lim Survive After Being Infected With Fatal Disease?

We're back at the quarantined San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, where Dr. Lim is suffering from the airborne disease, Shaun is overwhelmed by the chaos & has to perform his first surgery.

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We return to The Good Doctor seeing the world through Shaun Murphy’s eyes as he escapes the chaos of the hospital in his mind. Dr. Morgan Reznick has a nurse relay information about the surgery she’s performing to calm him down, and he begins to regain his composure before joining Morgan in surgery. Alex Park watches on as his son, Callan, who is still quarantined, struggle through an asthma attack — and his inhaler is empty. Park breaks in to the quarantined area to help save his son and creates a nebulizer.

Melendez and Brown revive the man who needed a marrow transplant, who signed a DNR, and ran out of time since his father is quarantined. Melendez tries to pitch a way to bring in the quarantined donor to his patient. Working with Andrews, they come up with a way to extract the bone marrow in a janitor’s closet, because the vents are sterilized, and then use the laundry shoot to transfer the marrow to conduct the transplant.

After Park punches out the vibrating light that was driving Shaun to the brink of insanity, he swiftly goes through the patients’ updates and reveals the pregnant patient, Viola’s water broke. While hooking her up to machines, Dr. Park’s son assists and he, Shaun and Viola talk about having the support of a father. Callan reveals that his dad “isn’t really there for them,” but Shaun points out that he risked his life and career to save Callan. He confronts his dad, and asks him why he moved away from the family. We learn Park left his family in Phoenix and came to San Jose St. Bonaventure alone, and it’s clear Callan feels neglected by his dad.

Viola’s baby starts to go in to distress, and Shaun must deliver it, making it his first birth, ever. At the same time, Lim’s condition worsens and Morgan is forced to intubate and perform surgery because she is in full respiratory failure. Viola is screaming through labor, and Shaun needs to turn the baby. As they turn the baby, Viola begins to bleed out — they need to perform a C-section. Shaun conducts his first solo surgery. The blood pressure is dropping and Shaun begins to panic and screams at everyone to be quiet so we can concentrate. The baby is delivered not breathing, and as Shaun starts compressions, Viola starts to bleed out. He needs to make a decision between the mother and the baby, and he chooses to save the baby.

Dr. Park performs the first half of the marrow transplant on Bob with the help of a quarantined patient who is a former vet, Esther. While they’re removing the marrow, Chris’s vitals are failing, forcing Park to go faster, which is more pain on Bob. The marrow is safely secured through the laundry shoot, right before Bob goes in to cardiac arrest, as the tip of the IV broke off and went into his heart. Park cracks his chest and performs heart surgery in the janitor’s closet to remove the needle. In the other OR, Chris’s transplant is a success.

The rules of medicine require doctors to save the mother, instead of the child, so the OBGYN watching over the surgery forces Shaun to leave the baby and save Viola. He runs to the quarantined waiting area and has Callan come in to continue to do compressions on the baby. After Viola is stable, Shaun finds there is fluid in the baby’s lungs and has to suction it out. This never ends!

Dr. Glassman and Lea sit in the waiting room and bicker throughout the day over each other’s treatment of Shaun. Glassman finds out his cancer actually did not come back, but he has meningitis and needs immediate surgery. Lea argues that Glassman is not Shaun’s real friend or a good mentor since he decides not to tell Shaun about his diagnosis, but Glassman believes that Lea is just toying with Shaun’s emotions. However, the anger in the room is interrupted with a baby’s cries, and it’s clear that Viola’s baby is healthy, and the room starts to clap for the new father anxiously waiting to meet his son!

In the quarantined space, Shaun holds the baby – the first he’s every delivered — and the room applauds him. Viola holds her son for the first time as an alarm starts to sound from Lim’s room. Morgan rushes to find Lim, awake, looking much better than before, asking for some water. Thank goodness!

Brown and Melendez tell Chris that his transplant was a success and they didn’t have any complications. When he asks to thank his father, the doctors reveal that Bob didn’t make it after going into cardiac arrest. Esther, the vet who assisted in the marrow extraction, arrives to tell Chris about his father’s final moments.

Morgan breaks into tears as she sees the flight attendant’s body being loaded into the CDC truck. Park and his son have a great conversation, where he tells him he loves him and admits his upbringing made him a bad father. They see Callan’s mother waiting for them, and the three walk out as a reunited family. Melendez tells Lim that “the idea of her not being around isn’t okay with me,” and we’re reminded of that sexy night they shared before the hospital was chaos! Lea and Glassman meet up with Shaun, and Glassman reveals the truth about his meningitis diagnosis and Lea proudly looks on. Shaun’s reaction is better than anyone expected, replying that “Meningitis is better than cancer” and “soon he can get his license back.” Lea asks Shaun if “Glassy” can give him a hug, and he replies, “I think that’d be very nice.”

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