‘The Challenge’: Fans Freak That Cara Maria & Paulie May Be Back Together After He Visits Her

Despite recently calling Paulie Calafiore out for two-timing her, Cara Maria Sorbello reunited with her 'Challenge' beau in Montana over the weekend -- and now fans are worried that they may be back together!

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Image Credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram

Before Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore’s relationship imploded after his ex, Danielle Maltby, revealed he’d been seeing her AND professing his love to her over texts for months, The Challenge lovebirds had a planned visit for Paulie to come spend time with Cara in Montana this past weekend. In his continued efforts to try and win Cara back, Paulie still took the trip, according to Us Weekly. “Right now, Cara is torn, as every woman would be,” the mag’s source explained. “She’s still very angry and heartbroken.”

However, as the weekend played out, fans grew more and more worried that Cara had given in and taken Paulie back. Although the two made sure not to post any photos or videos together on social media, their Instagram Stories from throughout the weekend featured clips that seemed to show them in the same places. Plus, Cara took to Twitter to defend herself against those slamming her for being with Paulie again. “If you are looking to trashy reality tv for “role models,” that’s your first mistake,” she wrote. “I never said to be like me. I said be like YOU and make a difference.”

Cara and Paulie first met on The Challenge: Final Reckoning earlier this year. At the time, he was still dating Danielle, but he hooked up with Cara on the show The two were in an “open relationship” after that, and Paulie revealed that he called Danielle as soon as filming was complete to end things with her.



However, months later, in December, Danielle finally came forward with what REALLY happened. Paulie did call to tell Danielle about his hookup with Cara…but he also claimed their entire relationship was just for television and he wanted to be with Danielle in the end. While he was dating Cara throughout the summer and fall, he was also secretly meeting up with Danielle, and not being truthful with Cara about it, which was supposed to be the premise of their “open relationship.”

The ladies came together to expose Paulie’s lies by releasing photos and text messages that proved he was two-timing them. At first, Paulie tried to deny everything, but eventually he came clean, and has since made it his mission to get Cara back. It looks like it may be working, too…

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