Paulie Calafiore Slams Danielle Maltby As ‘Calculated’ & Says Connection With Cara Mara Is ‘Undeniable’

After Cara Maria Sorbello and Danielle Maltby released texts that appear to show Paulie Calafiore was two-timing both of them, he fired back on Twitter with his side of the story. Check it out here.

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Paulie Calafiore is on the defense after Cara Maria Sorbello and Danielle Maltby exposed him as a liar with texts and photos that appear to show him feeding both of them the same lines behind the other’s back. Cara Maria ended things with Paulie after Danielle came forward to reveal that he had been telling her he still loves her throughout their relationship, but Paulie isn’t willing to give up fighting for Cara, and he took to Twitter to defend himself on Dec. 27. “I take full blame for the situation,” Paulie wrote. “Stop trying to spin this. Danielle was calculated in doing this now after Cara and I became exclusive. Cara knows what went down in the Challenge house and after. Our connection was undeniable.”

When Cara and Paulie first met on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, he was still dating Danielle. The two hooked up on the show, and afterward, Paulie claimed that he told Danielle about everything that went down and ended things with her. After that, Paulie and Cara were public about the fact that they were in an “open” relationship. However, they still spent a significant amount of time together throughout the summer. During this time, though, Danielle claims she and Paulie were also still seeing each other once in a while, and the texts she released to Us Weekly seem to show him professing his love to her and claiming his relationship with Cara was just for television.

Paulie admits that he continued to talk to Danielle when he started dating Cara, but insists he never slept with her. “Would you stop talking to a person you loved if they lost 40 pounds and became suicidal?” he tweeted. “I never bashed Cara. I am in love with Cara. She knows when we fell in love truly. You all will see that.”

Cara and Paulie recently wrapped filming of season 33 of The Challenge, and returned home in a state of bliss. He visited her in Montana, then they traveled to New York and Disney together. It was during this Disney trip that Danielle came forward with her story about Paulie. A release date for the show’s next season has not been confirmed, but according to Paulie’s tweets, we will see the Cara/Paulie love story and decision to become “exclusive” play out when it airs.

“No one will know Cara’s and my story until this next season airs,” he tweeted. “That’s when we both truly knew we were meant for each other and wanted exclusivity. We chose each other then. You’ll understand why I want to fight for this since it’s been ripped from me. I love her. Going dark.”

In his tweets defending himself, Paulie also added that Cara was in contact with her ex, Kyle Shore, during the period in which they were in an “open” relationship. “Cara knew the situation with Danielle was hard,” Paulie insisted. “She told me to do what I needed to do to close it.”

Cara has yet to tweet specifically about everything that’s going on, although she did share some cryptic messages that seem to reference the situation. She also provided photos from her time spent with Paulie as evidence that the dates match up with when he was seemingly sending Danielle lovey messages.