‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Brianna Gets Fired & Ashley Disappoints Her Family In A Serious Way

The Dec. 17 season finale of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' was full major disappointments -- from Brianna losing her job to Ashley getting closer to a reunion with Bar.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Brianna left her mom in a tough spot during the Dec. 17 season finale of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, when she came home and revealed she had just been fired from her job. This, of course, came after her mom told her that they may each need to pick up a second job to make up for the loss of Robert‘s income. So you could imagine how upset Brianna’s mom was when she found out that Brianna was let go for a “poor attendance” record at work. In fact, she told Brianna that she better start looking for a new job immediately and take anything she could get. Yikes! Brianna also got approved for state insurance so she started seeing a therapist to discuss her many failed relationships.

Meanwhile, Ashley disappointed both her mom and sister by reuniting with Bar. Well, Ashley and Bar haven’t yet fully reunited, but they were definitely working towards that goal this week. Ashley and Bar spent time with their daughter in the park before heading to a counseling session together. All the while, Ashley totally ignored any incoming calls or texts from her family, which left them feeling worried about her. Her mom basically called Bar garbage and compared their relationship with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s, which was anything but healthy.

Later, Lexi and Kyler threw a first birthday party for Tobias. He didn’t invite his mom since they don’t have the best relationship, and Lexi understood. But she was also happy because Kyler had finally opened up to her about something.

Furthermore, Jade discovered that her grandmother no longer has cancer, so she started making plans for her future. A plan that includes going to school and eventually opening her own beauty salon. But to do that, Jade was forced to put a stop to lending her mom so much money all the time.

Finally, Kayla dealt with the aftermath of Stephan‘s appearance at Izaiah’s birthday party. Not only did her mom grill her about a supposed shopping trip with Stephan — Kayla claimed it never happened, but she also made sure her new boyfriend wasn’t seen holding Izaiah until Stephan left the party. For a first birthday party, it was pretty dramatic and not one we’d want to be a part of.

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