Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Wants To Remake ‘The Graduate’ With Him As Her Lover — WTF?

We're not sure about this casting idea. Matthew McConaughey's mom wants to play Mrs. Robinson, the woman who seduces the titular character in 'The Graduate'...a role that she wishes her son to take on.

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Well, this would create an interesting on stage dynamic. Matthew McConaughey, 49, revealed his 86-year-old mother’s movie pitch during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Dec. 7, and we’re very concerned. “Her pitch is this: remake The Graduate,” the White Boy Rick star said, and so far, we were on board. But in the words of his mom Mary Kathlene McCabe, she then said she’d be “the Ann Bancroft character” (AKA, seductress Mrs. Robinson), and her son would be “the Dustin Hoffman character”…you know, the college graduate who enjoys an affair with Mrs. Robinson!

“And what does everyone right away say? ‘Wait a minute, that’s pretty bent,'” Matthew continued. Well, “bent” is putting it lightly. Still, the actor’s mom is unfazed. “And she’s immediately like, ‘Oh knock it off, I’ve seen it before. It’s not that big of a deal.” What movies are you watching, Mrs. McCabe!? If you don’t believe it, watch the Magic Mike actor say these words himself…upon hearing them, our face was the same as John Cena’s, who was sitting by Matthew.

We’re hoping this is just a joke, told in true McConaughey style. But he’s mentioned the same pitch in a January 2017 appearance on ABC’s Popcorn With Peter Travers! Matthew and his mother are close, as the actor also revealed during the interview that he and his three children with wife Camila Alves, 36, visit his mom “almost every weekend” after they moved to his native Texas.

We think Matthew’s mom should reconsider another project (or a more appropriate cameo). The Oscar winner revealed in the clip above that his mom visits every film set of his, with one wish: to “get in that movie.”