‘The Good Doctor’: A Patient Kisses Shaun, While Glassman’s Radiation Side Effects Worsen

This episode of 'The Good Doctor' looks more into Glassman's memory loss, Melendez and Claire's ongoing fight & more! Read our recap!

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This episode of The Good Doctor opens up with a couple coming into the Emergency Room after getting into a car accident on their anniversary. The wife has internal bleeding while the husband’s hip needs to be put back in place, which Dr. Shaun Murphy does before following the wife into the OR. While Dr. Lim and Dr. Claire Brown are performing surgery on the woman, they find her internal bleeding in her fallopian tube — realizing she is pregnant.

Dr. Alex Park and Dr. Morgan Reznick are dealing with a family who refused to vaccinate their son, and the doctors are concerned he has contracted polio. Upon hearing they are anti-vaxxers, Morgan panics and rushes out of the room, with Alex following her. She becomes emotional when recalling a story about her friend Carol, who didn’t vaccinate her son. Carol’s son died at 1 years old from Whooping Cough, after pediatricians refused to see him because he was never vaccinated, and the one doctor who did see him, believed anti-vaxxing was ok.

Shaun and Claire tell the husband, Todd, that his wife is doing well but they couldn’t save her baby. He revealed that he had a vasectomy before they were married, so there was no way she could be pregnant. In her room, the patient promises her husband that she has been faithful, and requests that the doctors do a count of his sperm to see if it was possible he impregnated her. However, when Shaun is taking some tests in the patient’s room, she tells him, “I love my husband,” but then kisses Shaun on the lips. What the heck!

Allegra Aoki and Dr. Marcus Andrews find out that Claire is taking meetings with doctors from other hospitals. “Lose two of their doctors of diverse backgrounds in a year.” Andrews approaches Claire and asks her to speak to Melendez to get her back on his service, but she says, “I have nothing to say.” Then, Marcus goes to Melendez and threatens the chief of surgery position if he doesn’t make amends with Claire. Hmmm…

Dr. Park took the initiative to tell the parents Carol’s story and asked them to reconsider vaccinations for their new baby. Finn is negative for polio, but we need to do an MRI. “We’re sorry for your friend, but our opinion hasn’t changed.” The doctors find in their MRI that Finn has two spinal cords. Ahead of his surgery to unravel his two spines, Finn’s parents decide to vaccinate him. In the middle of receiving his vaccination from Park, Finn tries to stand up to go to the bathroom and collapses, unable to feel his feet.

“Todd’s sperm count is zero, and his wife kissed me on the lips,” Shaun says to Dr. Lim and Claire. As Shaun goes to tell Todd, he sees the husband limping down the hallway straight into his wife’s room. He tells her their medical insurance was cancelled, they have $400 worth in savings, and no money left in retirement. What has this woman been doing?! The patient admits to cheating and says she “tried to stop but I just couldn’t help myself,” before Todd storms out. When Shaun asks her why she did it, she says she doesn’t know and her hand spasms, leading Shaun to believe a neurological issue caused her infidelity. However, Shaun and Claire doesn’t find anything when looking at their patient’s brain. “The world is sad and very complicated, I wish it wasn’t,” Shaun sadly states before leaving the room.

Dr. Glassman is tested by his oncologist on his memory lapses and he is angered by her prodding. She wants to do a memory loss test but he continues to fight her on it and refuses. He asks Shaun if he can find out whether he’s losing his memory and Shaun tells him to come over later than night.

Finn’s surgery is a success and he has movement in toes and can feel both of his legs. However, his temperature begins to raise and his heart slows as the doctors rsh to give him oxygen and find out what is going on. It’s revealed that Finn has a staph infection, but Park promises that it’s not due to his vaccination. Finn’s father freaks out and says he never approved for them to vaccinate his son. Finn’s mom, Bethany, reveals she never got her husband’s permission, and made the decision to protect their future baby from getting sick.

Shaun tells his patient that she doesn’t have a tumor, she’s “just a liar.” However, Claire then asks her to draw a clock (Brain On Fire, anyone?!) and she has a tumor in her chest, that sends signals to her brain that diminish her inhibitions. Todd still isn’t thrilled and asks her how many affairs she had, to which she replies “Four.” However, she admits she donated all of their money, it wasn’t spent on trips or hotels. Todd is still heartbroken and storms out before his wife goes into surgery.

Claire apologizes to Melendez, but tells him she doesn’t really mean it, and explains she’s doing it to give him “cover.” At the same time, he also says he’s sorry, and the two share a flirty moment before Claire goes in to surgery.

Claire tells Todd they got the tumor out, but he says he doesn’t know if he can forgive his wife. Claire points out that his wife did everything that “tempted her,” but she never even thought of leaving Todd, she was never tempted to.

Alex approaches Finn’s dad, and might have revealed that he has a child and family of his own, which he left. Finn’s father tells him he’s had enough of his stories, and Alex seems to hold back tears as he walks away. Morgan finds him in the locker room and tells him to go to a bar. Instead, he says he’s going to go the gun range, and she asks if she can come. He says she can if she won’t talk — LOL. I like this duo!

In TK’s recovery room, Todd returns and holds her hand. “This is a good sign,” Shaun says before going home to meet Dr. Glassman. At his apartment, Shaun tests Glassman on his knowledge of things in Shaun’s life. He asks Glassman what his brother’s name is, and he starts to laugh, and then cry because he can’t remember. “Your brother’s name is Sam,” Glassman says. After a long pause, Shaun replies, “It’s Steve.” Oh no.

We’ll wait and see what happens with Glassman and more on another dramatic episode of The Good Doctor next Monday at 10 PM!

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