Bette Midler Slammed For Shocking Comments About Melania Trump’s Body: ‘Shameful’

Bette Midler is in hot water once again. After posting a controversial tweet about Melania Trump, fans are attacking her on social media!

Bette Midler Melania Trump
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Just when we thought Bette Midler could do no wrong! The 72-year-old actress and comedian is often outspoken on social media, but a recent joke of hers fell flat with followers. On Nov. 14, Bette took to Twitter to poke some fun at First Lady, Melania Trump, 48, but her humor went too far according to the comments! Bette chose to share a risqué throwback photo of Melania, from a steamy British GQ taken in 2000. Melania’s outfit for the photo left little to the imagination, prompting Bette’s controversial caption: “The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. #FLOTITS.” Bette was soon slammed for her choice of words. “Bullying our first lady…shameful, especially from a grown woman. Mean people never bring joy,” one disapproving fan wrote.

In the photo, Melania shows some serious skin, as she dons a metallic swimsuit which exposes the majority of her breasts. The image, taken long before she became FLOTUS, was from her time working as a model. Fans on Twitter felt that there was nothing wrong with the photo, and that Bette was actually body shaming with her post! “First and most she is now our first lady have some respect,” one user said. “if you cant say anything positive don’t say anything at all… you are old enough to have learned from your life mistakes and experience… shame on you lady,” one Tweet read. Disappointing post. “Dislike her politics all you want but …. not this. Her body, her right. #StrongWonenLiftEachOtherUp,” another said.

The backlash comes after an initial controversial tweet from Bette in October, in which she used the n-word in a message.” The famed actress found herself in serious hot water with the Tweet, which has since been deleted. “Women are the n-word of the world. Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied educations and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years,” Bette tweeted at the time. She eventually apologized for her wording.

Did Bette go too far this time? With her second social media slip-up in recent months, maybe Bette needs to take a little break from Twitter.

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