‘Welcome Home’ Preview: Aaron Paul & Emily Ratajkowski Are Taunted Over Dinner — Watch

HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY premiering a clip from Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul's new movie, 'Welcome Home.' A dinner with their rental house's owner gets more intense that they ever thought possible.

Welcome Home will be in select theaters and On Demand on Nov. 16. HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY debuting a scene from the movie, featuring Emily Ratajkowski, Aaron Paul, and Riccardo Scamarcio. In the scene, Emily and Aaron’s characters, Cassie and Bryan, are having dinner with Federico, the owner of the Italian vacation rental home they’re staying in. Cassie and Bryan have traveled to the Italian countryside to try and repair their relationship.

Bryan thinks it’s “surprising” that Federico doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. “You see, I don’t play around,” Federico says to Bryan. “I want to find the right woman and commit.” He looks directly at Bryan when he says this, with Cassie in the middle of them. Cassie compliments Federico on his amazing cooking, and Federico seizes the opportunity.

“I see what you meant,” Federico says to Bryan. Cassie wants to know what Bryan said. “He told me about you,” Federico says. “I must say, I could have guessed it the moment I set my eyes on you. The way you carry yourself… You let people inside, don’t you?”

Cassie is speechless. “It takes a very special person to open herself up like that,” Federico continues, clearly hitting a nerve with both Cassie and Bryan. “He wouldn’t shut up about how special you are. This, right here, is a man in love.” Bryan is sitting there drinking his wine and throwing daggers at Federico with his eyes. Federico is definitely trying to get under Bryan’s skin.

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