‘The Good Doctor’: Dr. Reznick’s Argument With Shaun Has Dire Consequences For A Patient

Dr. Reznick's behavior and distrust in Shaun Murphy gets her in trouble when her emotions get the best of her while dealing with a patient. This is your 'Good Doctor' recap!

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After moving in to their new apartment, Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea are getting used to living together and Lea is doing a great job trying to not to step on Shaun’s toes. She keeps her things organized, offers to buy more toilet paper, she’s a dream roomie! But Shaun is clearly nit-picky — telling Lea she put the toilet paper on the handle the wrong way and staring down the coffee cup she left on the counter. Yikes.

At the hospital, Shaun and Dr. Morgan Reznick’s patient is a professional violinist who has a finger infection following a manicure. While Dr. Nicholas Melendez says she just need a simple drain and will be good as new, Shaun realizes the violinist feels the pain of the drain even after they numb her, and he believes it’s something more than just an infection. In his typical blunt way, Shaun tells the violinist that she could lose her finger if they don’t test for fungus, but Reznick advises against it — saying that the incorrect nick could ruin the violinist’s whole career.

Dr. Antonia Brown and Dr. Alex Park’s patient, Riley, comes in with a profuse nose bleed, and after she’s all patched up, her divorced parents tell Park that their daughter is a hypochondriac. As Riley’s parents begin to fight before she gets released, their patient struggles to breathe and throw up blood. When she and Brown talk after she’s feeling better, she reveals that she was held back after failing school and is constantly made fun of by her classmates for being “dumb.” While Riley and Brown talk about bullies, the doctor finds that she actually has no brain bleeding and the blood must have been residue in her lungs from the nose bleed. However, Riley does not seem satisfied with that answer. Park and Brown give her an MRI, but the scan was clean and they decide to send her home.

In the middle of the day, Shaun FaceTime’s Lea to tell her she forgot to put her cup away, before going to talk to Brown for advice on his patient, which turns into advice on Lea. Shaun runs in to the women’s bathroom to see which way they have the toilet paper rolls hung, and he snaps a pic to send to Lea to “prove he’s right.” She replies “IDGAF,” which he has Brown interpret for him. Brown tells Shaun he should talk to Lea in person instead of text, and he throws it back at her to ask if she has apologized to Melendez yet — which she hasn’t because she “did nothing wrong.”

Dr. Glassman looks better than the last time we saw him, and he gets a visit from the woman he went on a date with before he was diagnosed with cancer. She brings him chicken soup and they make a date to have lasagna together! Cute!

After Reznick and Shaun argue over testing the violinist’s finger for necrosis, he realizes that her temperature has gone up by two degrees during their fight, which makes Reznick give in. Melendez sees the necrosis in her hand, and they rush to save it. There’s only tissue damage, the doc’s find, which means there is luck that she’ll be able to have full usage.

At home, Shaun finds the toilet paper still not facing the way he likes it, and he approaches Lea. “I’m trying to be accommodating, can you just cut me a little slack right now?” She claps back at him. Shaun appears frightened and scared and Lea immediately regrets yelling back at him, but he recoils from her.

Riley’s father rushes her back into the hospital with a 104 degree fever, and Brown believes she has contracted pneumonia from an underlying infection, and it’s a race against the clock to find out what it is. Park feels like Riley is lying about the gravity of her illness, while Brown wants to explore a potential tumor. Lim has Brown pitch the surgery to Riley and her parents to explore for tumors, but they aren’t buying it. “We want you to believe in your daughter, because that’s what a parent does,” Park jumped in to back up Brown. Riley’s parents decide to go through with the surgery, finally believing their daughter may actually be ill.

Following her fight with Shaun, Lea rushes to Glassman, who is getting ready for his date! She quickly goes off about what happened and Glassman has her sit down to give her proper advice. He tells her that there is no changing Shaun, and she needs to take him for what he is. He also admits that he is still learning about Shaun everyday, himself. I like this duo!

In the violinist’s room, her blood pressure starts to drop and Reznick realizes she’s septic. “We have to amputate her arm,” a shocked Reznick states. The doctors remove her arm, but Reznick is nervous the fungus spread to the rest of her body. She recommends they put her in an Oxygen tank to stop the spreading and volunteers herself to stay with the violinist. “My arm is gone and it’s all your fault,” the patient says to Reznick after she wakes up. Reznick needs to sit in the room and listen to her sob.

During Glassman’s date, he falls over after the two kiss a little. He tells her that he wants her to go and doesn’t want to see her anymore, after she makes the sweetest effort to take care of him. She gets up to go and leaves Glassman alone.

At the apartment, Lea apologizes profusely to Shaun for her “outburst,” and he says “I’m fine, now.” She admits that she’s not, and has been more stressed than ever. She’s not moving out and still wants to figure out Shaun’s quirks, but asks him to try and compromise. “I don’t think I can use one-ply toilet paper, but maybe the cups can go to the right of the plates,” Shaun says. The pair are all moved in and organize the place together. In the bathroom, Lea even put two toilet paper holders, one with the paper facing up, and the other down. “I like this idea!” Shaun exclaims. Yay!

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