BTS’ RM & Jungkook Sing About ‘Messed Up’ Romance In New Track & Fans Can’t Get Over The ‘Deep’ Lyrics

The new BTS track, 'Waste It On Me,' instantly caught fire on the internet, & fans feel closer than ever to the K-Pop group after hearing the 'deep' lyrics.

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“Waste It On Me,” is here, and the latest BTS single features a wildly catchy melody, but if you take a moment to look at the lyrics, there’s a beautiful message laying underneath! The poetic words that both RM and Jungkook sing on the track are incredibly deep, and fans are obsessed with the touching lyrics. “You say love is messed up//You say that it don’t work//You don’t wanna try, no, no, //And baby, I’m a stranger//To heartbreak and the pain, of//Always being let go,” Jungkook croons in the song’s intro. He’s later joined by RM as well, and they continue to detail a troubled relationship. “And I know there’s no making this right, this right//And I know there’s no changing your mind.”

Fans of the K-Pop group took to Twitter to express their gratitude for the beautiful new track, and the intimate lyrics. “Thank you. The song so beautiful. The lyrics too so….well deep :)” one wrote. “Yess please it’s the song which brought me i to them deeper. The lyrics are everything !” another Tweeted. “I’m done by kookie’s sweet voice and the lyrics OMG Watse it on me!!! lf love is nth more than just a waste of your time!!!!!” a third wrote.

Fans received even more music perfection from BTS earlier this week, when group leader RM dropped a collection of solo tracks. The 7-song mixtape, collectively called Mono, was released on Oct. 22, and each track had fans falling in love! One song, “Seoul,” was the same track RM has been teasing for months now, and fans were over the moon after finally getting to hear it! Plus, “Forever Rain,” had listeners grabbing the tissues, with its somber lyrics.

Don’t be fooled by the upbeat energy of this track, with a close listen, you’ll see just how deep the song truly is! “So we don’t gotta go there//Past lovers and warfare//It’s just you and me now//I don’t know your secrets//But I’ll pick up the pieces,” RM says on a verse of his own.

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