BTS’ RM Sings About Feeling Friendless In Devastating Song ‘Forever Rain’ & Fans Are Literally Crying

BTS' Kim Nam-joon AKA RM really brought the feels on this one. Fans literally can't stop crying after hearing his new song, 'Forever Rain.'

RM, one member of the K-Pop all star group BTS, is using his solo music to get real. In one of his most honest tracks yet, “Forever Rain,” the singer reveals some heartbreaking lyrics, where he delves into issues of loneliness, and “darkness.” The song was recorded in Korean, but thanks to Genius, English-speaking fans can read up on RM’s deep message as well. “When it rains, I feel as if I have some friends// You keep knocking on my windows and asking how am I doing// And I answer – I am still the hostage of life//I live not ’cause I can’t die//But I’m still trapped on something,” he croons. Poor RM!

It didn’t take long for fans of the K-Pop star to take to Twitter with their thoughts on the track. The sad song had his oldest, diehard fans literally crying! “Why can’t I listen to forever rain without tearing up? I’m !!! Damn this whole mixtape got me f–ked up. Joon really outdid himself with this one,” one fan Tweeted. “The lyrics to forever rain hit me so hard what the fukc,” another wrote. “The forever rain mv got me in the feels I can’t,” said a third fan. The track is the last song off RM’s new solo mixtape Mono, and apparently, the collection of songs as a whole is to blame for the water works. “I’ve just been listening to mono on repeat for hours while curled in bed aka I’m wallowing in a plethora of feelings,” yet another shared.

“Forever Rain” also got music video treatment, and although the animated visual doesn’t show RM IRL, the gloomy black & white video is the perfect accompaniment to the somber track. In the clip, man with a hidden face can be seen walking down the street in the rain. While it’s not immediately apparent who the caricature is supposed to be, it very well could be RM! Fans can watch the animated visual above.

Cheer up, BTS Armies! We totally agree that these new tracks from RM are tear-jerkers, but the BTS leader would want us all smiling on his mixtape release day.


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