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Omarosa Tells Bill Maher: Donald Trump Kisses Ivanka On The Lips While She Calls Him ‘Daddy’

Omarosa claimed Donald Trump would kiss his daughter Ivanka Trump on the lips and 'rub her for a very long period of time.' WTF?

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Just when you thought the dynamic between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump couldn’t get any weirder, Omarosa Manigault Newman went ahead and spilled some details we would have been happy never knowing. But if for some reason the horrifyingly creepy way Trump treats his daughter is something you want to know more about (or just can’t look away from, you know, like a bad car accident), then we’ve got some news for you.

While promoting the tour for her White House tell-all book, Unhinged, Omarosa stopped by Bill Maher‘s Real Time, where she was asked if the president really is “hot” for his eldest daughter, as Trump himself had suggested before getting into politics. Omarosa claimed that Trump “would pat her on the behind” in the White House, according to our sister site Deadline. But guess what! That’s not all!

“He would kiss her on the lips; he would rub her for a very long period of time. It was awkward,” she added. Ivanka wasn’t immune to reciprocating the strange behavior either, according to Omarosa. She “just loved…being Daddy’s Little Girl,” Omarosa said. “And always saying, ‘My Daddy’ and correcting herself – ‘My father.’”

Trump’s relationship with Ivanka has been raising eyebrows long before he entered office. In 2006, the pair appeared on The View together, and Trump was asked what he would do if Playboy put Ivanka on the cover. He said that he didn’t think she would do that, adding, “although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Earlier this year, Stormy Daniels also claimed in a 60 Minutes episode with Anderson Cooper that Trump told her, “You remind me of my daughter” after he allegedly had her spank him with a magazine he was on the cover of in 2006.