‘The Challenge’ Recap: Cara Maria & Marie End Their Feud & Make A Bold Move That Shocks Everyone

More than halfway through 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning,' Cara Maria and Marie finally put their feud to rest -- and they prove to be the ultimate girl power duo as they make a decision that could change the game!

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On this week’s episode of The Challenge: Final ReckoningJohnny Bananas is figuring out how to stay in the game after TWO of the teams he was aligned with (Zach/Amanda and Jozea/Da’Vonne) were sent to the Redemption House in favor of two of his enemies, Cory and Devin. Meanwhile, Marie comes to the realization that she and Cara Maria are at the bottom of the pecking order because of Cara’s friendship with Johnny. Mostly, she’s pissed at her supposed friend, Sylvia, who makes it clear that she’s not going to save Marie over her other “Lavender Ladies” allies, Ashley and Shane.

At the next challenge, the players are required to race up to the top of a 200 foot building. Then, one teammate will be suspended on the edge, looking straight down at a puzzle. They’ll relay the puzzle to the other teammate, who has to complete it, then join the first team member on the building and propel down together. Since Cara and Marie came in last at the last challenge, they’re given a “significant disadvantage” this time — they’ll have to find a key within a key ring, then unlock a gate before they’re able to climb up the stairs.

The challenge comes down to a battle between Bananas and Tony and Shane and Nelson. Much to basically everyone else’s disappointment, Tony and Bananas pull out the win by 30 seconds, even with every team, aside from Cara and Marie, cheering against them during their run. As always, this gives them a double vote at the next elimination.


Back at the house, things blow up when Marie realizes that even her closest friend in the “Lavender Ladies” alliance, Shane, is going to vote for her to go into elimination. After all, if he can’t vote for Bananas and Tony, who are safe, he has to go for their number one ally, which is Marie’s partner, Cara.

During a night out, Marie finally blows up. She calls out Ashley, and breaks down in tears while letting Shane know how hurt she is. Sylvia has had enough, and she lets Marie have it right back. Their fight continues back at the house, and things even get physical when Sylvia head-butts Marie right in the face. Eventually, Marie walks away from the confrontation, but there’s clearly tension left between the ladies.

At the secret vote, Hunter/Ashley, Joss/Sylvia, Shane/Nelson and Cory/Devin vote for Cara Maria and Marie, while Bananas and Tony go for Hunter and Ashley. It doesn’t really matter who Cara Maria and Marie vote for at this point — they’re obviously going in. However, what’s more important, is that the ladies have an emotional moment during their vote, where they decide to put their dramatic past behind them and become friends.

At the Armageddon, it’s confirmed that Cara and Marie are going in, and now, they get to choose between one of the four teams who voted for them to go against. Shocking everyone in the house, they go for Shane and Nelson, with hopes of taking down the head of the alliance. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how it goes down, though…

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