‘Star’s Brandy Norwood: Cassie’s Not ‘Going To Back Down’ In War Against Carlotta

'Star' season 3 is going to be the war between the Brown sisters. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Brandy Norwood about Cassie's ongoing feud with her sister, Carlotta. Don't hold your breath for these two to forgive and forget.

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Star returns for season 3 on Sept. 26, and there is so much going down. At the end of the season 2, sisters Carlotta and Cassie were pointing guns at each other. That cliffhanger left us shook. So, where does the show go from there? HollywoodLife got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from the actress who plays Cassie herself, the one and only Brandy Norwood. “We definitely start from that moment and see what happens next,” Brandy told HollywoodLife on FOX’s press day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “Did we shoot each other? Did somebody get shot? We’re both in season 3. Something happens, and it’s brilliant.”

They may be sisters, but Cassie and Carlotta will be going at each other like enemies this season. “She loves her sister, and in the third season, Carlotta tells her [Cassie] that she’s nothing,” Brandy continued. “That she’s never going to be anything. And she’s like, ‘First off, I got more money than you. Two, watch me try it.’ For her, to call Cassie nothing and to hear that from her sister than she loves, she’s going after her.”

Brandy also doesn’t think there’s going to be any making up at all between the sisters, especially since Cassie is responsible for Jahil’s death. Brandy talked about the ramifications of that moving forward: “I think it’s her not dealing with me at all. That’s the ramification of it. I lose a sister. Now we’re going after each other. She’s coming for me, I’m coming for her. And so it’s just a war. I don’t think that Cassie’s going to back down, and Carlotta’s definitely not going to back down.”

However, Brandy is well aware that if one of the Brown sisters ends up dying, it’s not going to be Carlotta. “If someone’s going to die, it’s going to be me,” Brandy told HollywoodLife. “That’s Queen’s show. She is the queen of that show.”

Brandy also teased that we’re going to get more backstory on Cassie and “find out things about her that you didn’t know, what she’s personally gone through, her struggles.” As for performing on the show, Brandy revealed: “I do a song with Queen Latifah. But it’s not us together. We’re in different environments because we’re feeling the same way about each other.” Star airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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