‘The Resident’ Recap: Conrad Takes A Huge Risk During A Hospital Blackout

During the season 2 premiere of 'The Resident', our favorite doctors at Chastain have to deal with one of their toughest challenges yet -- a total hospital blackout! Plus, there was one STEAMY shower scene!

The Resident is back and given me exactly what I want: Conrad and Nic. I ship this couple hard, you guys. When their breaks sync up, they decide to take full advantage of the shower and bless us with a sexy shower scene. Holy nuts, their chemistry! However, their steamy shower hookup is cut short when Conrad’s pager goes off.

A father of newborn twins starts having heart palpitations and refuses to leave his baby son’s side as his daughter fights for her life. Conrad sets the father at ease. Mable, the baby girl, is undergoing heart surgery with two of the best doctors around — Mina and AJ. (Sidenote: Micah is still in the hospital, and Mina frequently checks on him.)

Suddenly, the power goes out in the hospital, causing chaos everywhere. Mable’s surgery is just starting, so this is the worst possible timing. Thankfully, the backup generators kick in, but only for a matter of time. Conrad remains so calm as people start to panic, as well as Dr. Bell.

The doctors have to go back to basics, using no computers and barely any technology. Conrad stresses that they need to start relocating before the backup generators go out, and Dr. Bell agrees with him. However, Pravesh manages to stop the mother of the twins from being transferred to another hospital. Meanwhile, Nic treats a young girl with a UTI who is constantly on her phone. The older sister rudely asks for a doctor, but Nic nicely puts her in her place.

Dr. Bell is told that the hospital is under attack from cyber pirates from an organized foreign crime syndicate. The raging storm outside has nothing to do with the blackout. Paying the ransom is the best bet for the hospital. If he doesn’t pay the ransom, the power isn’t going to turn back on.

Even though the hospital is at capacity, Conrad refuses to let an 8-year-old boy with a gunshot wound not be treated. Remember, there are no working ORs at the moment. Conrad parks the patient right in the middle of the ER. The boy is on death’s door, and Conrad knows that. He decides to start cutting before the surgeon arrives, even though he’s warned not to do so. He’s a resident, not a surgeon, so he never should be the one to cut. The surgeon comes along and takes over soon after. Conrad steps back and decides to build the surgeon a makeshift one. Dr. Bell walks in and starts asking a lot of questions.

Dr. Bell soon gets an update about the blackout. The hacker is inside Chastain, and they tried to shut down the hospital a few months prior.

Meanwhile, Mable’s dad collapses in the stairwell, and Pravesh believes he’s having a stroke. The father is about to be taken to another hospital, but Pravesh notices something important. Mable’s dad is not having a stroke, he’s having an allergic reaction! Mina and AJ are still in surgery with Mable. Thankfully, the surgery goes well. Mable makes it through. Her twin brother, Matt, finally stops crying when his sister is beside him. Be still my heart!

After paying close attention, Nic realizes that her young patient with the UTI is the hacker. The girl is a former software engineer at MIT, but she dropped out due to medical bills. She faked symptoms of a UTI to get inside the hospital. The girl thinks she only wiped out the billing department as payback for the bills, but Nic quickly tells her that the entire hospital is suffering because of her.

Nic tries to save Jacqueline when she tells Dr. Bell about what happened. Conrad explains that they don’t need to tell anyone about the hacker. Telling everyone how the hospital triumphed during a storm blackout could be good PR.

After their long day, Nic and Conrad pick up where they left off in the shower. YAS! Meanwhile, Dr. Bell is making moves to take down Conrad. He asks Dr. Nolan who made the first cut on the 8-year-old boy in the ER. Dr. Nolan is going to have to make a decision. Save Conrad or throw him under the bus.

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