‘The Challenge’ Recap: A Vicious Fight Breaks Out Between Cara Maria & Amanda

Amanda and Ashley target Cara Maria, leading to a wild war of words on 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning.' Plus, Kayleigh and Natalie take their beef to a whole new level.

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The Sept. 18 episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning picks up at the end of last week’s purge challenge. It’s come down to Cara Maria and Marie vs. Kam and Kayleigh, and in the end, Cara is able to chow down more plates of gross food than Kam is. So, Kam and Kayleigh are automatically sent to the Redemption House, where Paulie and Natalie are waiting. Since Kayleigh and Natalie have beef that dates back to last season, it doesn’t take long for things to get ugly.

In case you forgot, Natalie was one of the girls who stood by and laughed when Kayleigh had her suitcase thrown during The Challenge: Vendettas. Then, while the season was airing, Kayleigh outed Natalie as a lesbian on social media (Natalie confirmed earlier this season that she identifies as pansexual). At the Redemption House, the ladies talk things out, and things are civil at first. Just when it seems like they’re going to make up, though, the conversation explodes, and they leave things on a worse note than when they started.

Meanwhile, back at the main house, another fight is brewing. It’s no secret that Cara Maria and Amanda can’t stand each other, and this season, Amanda and her crew, the “Lavender Ladies” (Amanda, Shane, Sylvia and Ashley), have targeted Cara quite often. This time, though, when Cara hears Amanda talking about her, she decides to fight back. Cara storms into the room, and the ladies go off on one another. Eventually, Ashley joins in, screaming at Cara that no one likes her. Finally, Marie steps in to defend her partner, even though she’s friends with the “Lavender Ladies.” The fight leaves Marie upset with her friends, and Hunter and Zach upset with their partners (Ashley and Amanda).

At the next challenge, the competitors are really put to the test as they’re tasked with building and crossing an unsteady rope bridge while dangling in the air. Johnny Bananas and Tony are the only team to complete the challenge, and will get two votes at the next elimination vote-in…while all the other teams are up for possible elimination. Next week, we’ll find out who goes in!

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