‘L&HH Hollywood’: Teairra Takes Legal Action Against Akbar After Sex Tape Leaks

Akbar better watch out because Teairra filed a lawsuit against him during the Sept. 17 episode of 'Love & Hip Hip Hollywood', following the shocking leak of their sex tape.

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Teirra Mari And Akbar Abdul-Ahad
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Is Akbar Abdul-Ahad the one who really leaked a sex tape featuring him and ex-girlfriend Teairra Mari? She thinks so, which is why she filed a lawsuit against him during the Sept. 17 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. During a press conference with her new lawyer, Lisa Bloom, Teairra said she wanted to seek justice for being humiliated by the leak. But despite her public threat, many cast members questioned Teairra’s intentions. Some even suggested she may have been the one to leak her own sex tape in an effort to gain more fame. Especially because after the tape dropped, she was caught getting back in bed with Akbar. If he had really been the one who leaked the tape, why would she be spending more time with him? Well, she told Brooke that it was because she was confused and still loved him at the time. Now, she said, she’s ready to take legal action.

But the question still remains — is Akbar the one who leaked the tape? That’s debatable at this point. First, his ex was accused of leaking the tape. And then, his current girlfriend (not wife) unexpectedly showed up to the press conference and said she was the one who leaked the tape, so everyone should leave Akbar alone. Was it just a ploy to protect her boyfriend or is she really at fault? Again, that’s up for debate at this moment. But either way, Teairra wants some sort of justice. We’re just not sure who she’s going to get it from.

Plus, the lawsuit could affect her friendships with both Nikki Baby and Paris, both of whom failed to support Teairra at her press conference — a point that Teairra later brought up during some sort of party. When confronted, Nikki Baby said she was dealing with a family illness, but despite that excuse, Teairra said she was still upset over their absence. And Nikki Baby eventually agreed that she should have been there for Teairra.

Will this sex tape fiasco further hurt their friendships? Will Teairra ever discover who leaked the tape? To find out these answer and more, watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood every Monday at 8pm ET on VH1.

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