Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Share Hot Details Of Their 1st Date & How They Bonded Over Music

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross are not only a picture perfect couple, they have a truly incredible meet cute story! The couple talked with the HL podcast about their very first date!

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Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have been happily married for four years and they click on so many different levels, especially creatively, it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t together. The two stopped by‘s podcast and spilled the tea on their fun and flirty first date that definitely ended with a kiss. Evan revealed about how they actually met each other at a party — and immediately hit it off. “It started at a party and we started dancing,” he said. “Then we went back to my friend’s recording studio and we had a fun night. But then we both were in different places… Then we didn’t see each other for a little bit because we were both, I don’t know.”

Although Evan tried contacting her after that, they didn’t meet up — but thankfully for him, they happened to run into each other again… while her mom and sister were with her. Ashlee and her family were lying out and enjoying the hot tub at the Beverly Hills Hotel, when Evan saw her — and could not look away. Ashlee admitted, “At that time, I was with my mom and sister and I was like, ‘I made out with him.’ But he was really staring.” But from that point forward, there was no stopping these two love birds. Ashlee added, “Yeah, when it was on, it was on.”

Ashlee and Evan went on to talk about their docuseries Ashlee and Evan, and how making music with their new album brought them closer together. “For me… doing this project with Evan, it was something we always wanted to do,” Ashlee admitted. “We love duets and Sonny and Cher and his mom and Marvin Gaye, just great duets. That was something we really wanted to do. Getting to this place where I can now my son see me perform for the first time and that was so cool for me.”

We reported earlier how Evan has loved the process of making music with Ashlee. “Yeah, which was actually like an amazing experience,” Evan added. “But we were documenting it and we started realizing that a lot of the inspiration of the songs were coming from our life and being in love and having children and all this kind of stuff. We wanted to share kind of the process of it but not just in the way that you get to see us just in the studio. Actually getting to know our world and our lives. I feel like also, I don’t think anybody has really ever gotten to know us like that before.”

You can watch Ashlee and Evan on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST on E!

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