Carole Radziwill Reignites Feud With Bethenny Frankel In Shocking Tweet: Accuses Her Of ‘Skinny-Shaming’

It's still going! Carole Radziwill made another dig at Bethenny Frankel on Twitter, accusing the Skinnygirl founder of 'body shaming' her customers. See the tweet here!

Carole Radziwill & Bethenny Frankel
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Just when you thought the Real Housewives of New York drama had died down… Carole Radziwill proved that her feud with Bethenny Frankel is still raging after throwing some not-so subtle shade at her former co-star on Instagram Live AND on Twitter! It came back to the volatile RHONY reunion special, of course. During the Wednesday, September 5 installment of the reunion, footage aired of Carole and a friend dumping on Bethenny’s lifestyle company, Skinnygirl. In the clip, Carole’s friend said that the brand “body shames” women by implying that being skinny is better. (Skinnygirl is a brand featuring low-calorie snacks and alcohol).

Carole doubled down on it the next day, tweeting to a fan, “Yes Bethenny was offensive. She makes money off of girls who she age shames & skinny shames. I think she should listen to some very good advise from my friend and re-brand. By the way, I believe B is turning 49 years old. It’s nuts.” Before you think Carole’s contradicting herself and age-shaming Bethenny, it’s likely that she’s referring to accusations that Bethenny age-shamed her (she’s 55) throughout the last season of RHONY.

Bethenny got back at her, though, quote-tweeting “Do you?” on a drawing of a woman walking a “huge hippopotamus.” If you’re confused, it’s okay. So were we! She’s making fun of another RHONY moment, when Carole claimed during the reunion special that doctors told her she had a “huge hippocampus,” which is why she’s more rational than the other women. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls emotion and memory. This feud is getting SO. WEIRD.

And it probably won’t calm down anytime soon. On that aforementioned RHONY reunion, both women tried to explain to Andy Cohen why their friendship is over. And they couldn’t agree. They’re basically fighting over who’s the biggest liar! At one point, Bethenny, enraged over seeing some texts, shoved her phone in Carole’s face and calling her a “b***h” and a “f**king moron”!

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