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Chris Young: 5 things To Know About Prisoner Kim Kardashian Is Working To Set Free

Kim Kardashian is continuing to work with President Trump on prison reform. Now, she is trying to free another prison, who she believes was given a sentence way too harsh for his crimes. Here's 5 facts about Chris Young, the man Kim's trying to free.

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Kim Kardashian, 36, has made it clear that she is passionate about prison reform, and helping those who’ve been wrongfully convicted. Just a few months after the reality star helped free Alice Johnson, a woman who was serving a life sentence for her role in a cocaine distribution ring, Kim is working on freeing another prisoner, Chris Young. She reportedly flew from LA to Washington D.C. on September 5 to meet with President Trump, 72, to discuss Young’s imprisonment — just like she did with Johnson. Here’s 5 facts about Chris Young, as we await the outcome of Kim’s meeting.

1. Chris Young is a 30-year-old Tennessee native. — Young was arrested in 2010. He is reportedly serving a life sentence in Tennessee for cocaine and marijuana possession. But, Kim is doing everything in her power to help Young. “I do talk to the white house often on this subject with Jared Kushner, and he is really passionate about changing some of these laws and getting some bills passed,” Kim said on the Wrongful Conviction podcast with Jason Flom. “Hopefully some things will get passed. I’m just, I’m hopeful.”

3. Young has spent the last few years in a medical facility. — While he is serving a life sentence, Kim says Young has spent the last few years in a medical facility getting treatment for sickle cell anemia. “When I was talking to Chris Young, who is in prison, he has sickle cell anemia, so he’s had to have a few surgeries he’s been in am medical facility for a few years,” Kim said. “He goes back to the maximum security prison, where lifers go,” she added.

4. How much time has he served? — Young has been in prison for 10 years.

5. The judge who sentenced Young is now fighting with Kim to free him. — “I was on the phone with the judge that sentenced him to life, who resigned, because he had never been on the side of having to do something so unfair and now he is fighting with us to get him out,” Kim said.