‘RHONY’: Bethenny Calls Carole A ‘F***ing Moron’ Before Revealing Why Their Friendship’s ‘Over’

Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill's feud reached a whole new level during Part 3 of the 'RHONY' reunion on Sept. 5. Read about all their new disses, here!

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Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radizwill‘s friendship is officially over. To be honest, we never actually thought they’d mend their tattered partnership, but the ladies confirmed to Andy Cohen during the Sept. 5 episode of RHONY that they’re “over” and here’s why. According to Bethenny, “the season would not have made it over. The bashing in the blogs [is what made it over.” But for Carole it was “the season that made it over”. Of course, they’re referring to the insults they threw at each other both throughout the season and in subsequent blogs that were written on Bravo’s site following each week’s episode.

Carole was left heartbroken after watching Bethenny talk about how she doesn’t have a husband nor a job in her one-on-one interviews. “I realized I was really really trying to salvage our friendship [this season], but you didn’t seem that interested and I only could imagine — because you knew what you had said in all those confessional interviews. At the end, I thought, ‘Thank God we’re done with this season. Thank God we can like go back, we can just regroup.’ And then I started watching the show. And then I thought, ‘She’s just superficial,'” Carole said aloud, while talking about Bethenny.

However, Bethenny claims Carole “changed” and that’s why their friendship ended. She didn’t explain what she meant by that, but Carole denied such a thing and instead said she just opened her eyes and saw how “gossipy” Bethenny had become. Andy said it was sad to see their friendship end, as “it was fun to see” them together, and we couldn’t agree more. But there’s no reason to fight for a friendship that neither party wants.

Elsewhere during the conclusion of the three-part reunion, Bethenny and Carole fought over who was lying about their semi-relationship with the red scarf guy from the speed dating event. They both brought up text messages in their phones — Carole claimed Bethenny never tried setting her up with the guy, 1 night after the event, as Bethenny claimed in her blog, but Bethenny showed Andy a text from her to the red scarf guy, saying she would set him up with Carole. And upon Andy seeing the text, Bethenny then shoved her phone in Carole’s face, calling her a “b****” and a “f***ing moron.” But as Carole pointed out, the text was from 5 nights after the event. So basically they’re still fighting over who’s the bigger liar. They also compared resumes, which became really awkward. Like we said — we never thought we’d ever see these two become friends again. This episode was just the nail in the coffin.

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