Melania Trump Embarrassed Over Donald Trump’s McCain Funeral Ban — But Will She Go?

Every major politician will be at late Sen. John McCain's D.C. funeral, except President Donald Trump. We've got details on if wife Melania will still attend even though her husband has been banned.

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One of late Sen. John McCain‘s final wishes was that President Donald Trump be banned from his funeral upon his death from brain cancer on Aug. 25. All other living presidents will be in attendance on Sept. 1, and his 2008 presidential campaign rival Barack Obama will be giving the eulogy. That shows what a truly awful person McCain though Trump to be. Now wife Melania, 48, is feeling humiliation by proxy. “Melania feels embarrassed yet again by Donald, this time because of his ban from McCain’s funeral. She attended Barbara Bush‘s funeral without him and now she feels pressure to go to this one without him too,” a Washington DC insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Melania actually looked the happiest she has in ages when posing with former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and their wives after Barbara’s service. She appeared relieved to be in the company of intelligent adults and not her bratty man-child husband. Trump was so cruel to McCain ever since the tycoon entered politics. The Arizona senator was a Vietnam war hero, spending nearly 6 years being tortured in a P.O.W. camp after his plane was shot down and Trump actually dissed him over that.
“I don’t like losers. He’s not a war hero,” Trump said mockingly of McCain at an Iowa campaign stop in 2015. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” Umm, Trump got five deferments from serving in Viet Nam because of alleged bone spurs in his foot, so it was incredibly unpatriotic for a draft dodger to diss McCain like that.
“Melania does not feel entirely welcome or comfortable attending the funeral after John made it clear that Donald was not welcome. She resents Donald again for being put in the middle of an awkward position,” our insider continues. “Melania wants to do what is right, whether that means going in Donald’s place, or respectfully staying away. But she feels humiliated that this is an issue and blames her husband again for putting her in another challenging situation. She is weighing her options, has been discussing the issue with the McCain family, wants to what is best, and will make the decision when she is ready.”
McCain was so beloved by both Republicans and Democrats. Former Vice President and close friend Joe Biden gave the eulogy at his Arizona memorial service on Aug. 30, breaking down in tears several times. After that the senator’s body was flown to Washington D.C., where his casket will lie in state in the U.S. Capitol rotunda on Aug. 31, a day before his funeral in the nation’s capital. Everyone who is anyone past or present in U.S. politics will be on hand….except for the sitting President of the United States. That speaks volumes towards Trump’s awful character.

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