Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Why Their Breakup Was The Best Thing For Their Relationship

Zayn Malik has become the best boyfriend ever after getting a second chance with Gigi Hadid, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Here's how he managed to flip the script!

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Zayn Malik, 25, won back ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s, 23, heart back in May after a heartfelt apology and now it seems he’s made good on his second chance, a friend of Gigi’s EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Gigi’s friend tells us, “Zayn has transformed since he and Gigi got back together. The best thing she ever did for both of them was dump him. It was the wake up call he needed to get his act together. He’s so grateful to have another chance with her, it’s really given him a whole new outlook and that’s helped the relationship so much and it’s helped him as well because he’s able to appreciate what he has. He pampers Gigi like a princess when they’re together and is always doing the sweetest things for her. She’s used to the best of the best so it’s the simple things he does that really impress her.  He does really thoughtful and romantic stuff like he’ll leave her little love notes tucked into her bag when she heads off to work. He’s not a morning person but he’ll get up before her if she has an early call time to make her coffee — he’s all about making sure Gigi feels like number one.”

This is a total 180 from where things were between Zayn and Gigi after she broke up with him in March. They never explained why their two-and-a-half-year relationship ended, but a source revealed to HollywoodLife that, “traveling, as well as his work had been a factor that had gotten in the way of their relationship many times before.” Fortunately, after two months apart, Zayn fought for Gigi and found a way to get back in her good graces.

Gigi took him back after he poured his heart out to her, an insider EXCLUSIVELY dished to HollywoodLife in May. “Zayn made an epic apology to Gigi prior to them getting back together. He promised her that he would do better, treat her better and he told her he’d be a more caring boyfriend.” The insider added, “After weeks of him begging and pleading, she is seeing him again… for now. Gigi just wants to make sure their relationship is getting stronger.”

Zayn learned the hard way not to take Gigi for granted. Here’s hoping he continues to treat Gigi with the love and care she truly deserves.

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