Jordan Ozuna Slams Reports She Broke Up Kourtney & Younes After PDA Pics: But Is She Dating Him?

Is Jordan Ozuna to blame for Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's breakup? After getting caught PDAing with the hunky model, she's telling HER side of the story.

Younes Bendjima may have been getting handsy with Jordan Ozuna in Mexico after his split from Kourtney Kardashian, but that doesn’t mean she’s the cause of this Kardashian breakup! “Younes and I are not involved romantically at all,” she told E! News. “We were both invited to Mexico for a mutual friend’s birthday party with 13 other people. It was nothing more than friends having fun at the beach. No, we aren’t romantically involved in any way, shape or form.”

Photos surfaced of Younes and Jordan goofing around on the beach on Aug. 7. The pics came out just hours after fans began speculating that he and Kourtney had ended their relationship of more than one year because they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Younes got incredibly defensive when the PDA pics were released, and made a point to show off all the other people he and Jordan were with on his Instagram story. However, an eyewitness in Cancun claims that Younes and Jordan were “kissing all night” while out in Mexico, according to E!

Meanwhile, it seems like Younes may not have been truthful with Kourtney about what exactly was going on in Mexico, either. When he tried to defend himself on Instagram, Kourt’s sister, Kim Kardashian, took it upon herself to leave a scathing comment. “Nice pics from your boys trip,” she wrote, insinuating that Younes didn’t make it clear to Kourtney that there would be other women on this getaway.

Exactly when Younes and Kourtney broke up is unclear. They spent several weeks in Italy together at the end of June and beginning of July. However, drama began to unfold when she returned home. Younes made it clear he wasn’t thrilled with his lady posting sexy pics and publicly called her out for sharing certain images just to get likes. This wasn’t the reason for the breakup, according to TMZ, but it’s definitely obvious that there’s been some tension brewing between these two for a bit of time now.

Kourtney has yet to speak out about the breakup, but she looked completely carefree when she was photographed out and about with a smile on her face Aug. 7.

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