How To Drop Ab Fat & Flab Without Dieting: I Tried Emsculpt

Have you done countless sit ups and endless diets, but still can't get rid of your tummy pooch? Relief is here - there's a new, non-invasive procedure which has proven to reduce waistlines by 20 percent!

If you are like me and have dieted, crunched and planked ad nauseam, but haven’t been able to budge stubborn ab fat, then there’s new hope. A recently FDA-approved procedure called Emsculpt reduces the ab fat layer by 20% and increases the muscle layer by 18%. Also good news – Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that can be done in 30 minute treatments in a trained dermatologist’s office. There are no side effects, no bruising and you don’t need to miss a workout or a day at work.

I tried Emsculpt and I can report that it does work. My leftover baby bump/food bump had been impossible to budge. For years I tried cutting out sugar, cutting out alcohol, cutting down on fat, upping cardio, upping ab workouts. None of it helped. The roll wouldn’t go. Stomach fat is one of the hardest to get rid of, according to NYC dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz, Director of the Juva Skin and Laser Center. But Katz has seen excellent flab reduction and ab tightening results with Emsculpt. The procedure is simple: you lie down, a paddle device which channels an electro magnetic field is placed on your abs for 30 minutes and it stimulates 20,000 rapid contractions during that time.

It doesn’t hurt, but it does feel pretty weird. I felt as if my stomach was being knotted and released intensely and there were times my reflexes actually lifted my feet a few inches into the air. But the sensation was completely bearable. “The rapid contractions build muscle and break down adjacent fat at the same time,” explains Dr. Katz. To achieve the 20 percent fat layer reduction and 18 percent increase in muscle, you need four of those 30 minute treatments — two a week for two weeks, to be precise. Once the four treatments are finished, it takes up to six months to see the full affect of your new tighter and more toned abs.

“It takes months for muscle fibers to mature and fat to fully go away,” the doctor explains. That may be true, but I’m a month out since treatment and I’m already seeing ab definition that I haven’t seen in years AND my clothes are looser. HOORAY!Now, the procedure costs about $750 a treatment or $3,000 for all four. So no, not cheap. But, if you’ve been shelling out classes, some personal training and special diets for years with no effect, well, all of those things add up.

How To Drop Ab Fat & Flab Without Dieting: I Tried Emsculpt

Just make sure that if you try Emsculpt that you go to an accredited dermatologist who has been doing the procedure for a few months. You never want to be your doctor’s first patient using a new procedure. To see Emsculpt results on a regular, real life woman, check out the pics above and get ready to say hello to your abs again.


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