Serayah Gushes Over Working With The Girls On ‘Bad Blood’: ‘They All Had A Good Head On Their Shoulders’

Serayah may have been playing the role of Dilemma, but she definitely didn't have one when she was on the set of 'Bad Blood'! The 'So Good' singer opens up to HL about the empowering experience!

Serayah, 23, was one of the dominatrix badasses in the female-dominated music video for “Bad Blood”, and found herself inspired by the hard-working women on the set! “So many girls were there, and I got to just be around them. I was lucky enough to be in a room where there’s young women that are supporting each other, that are doing their thing in the business, that all have good heads on their shoulders,” Serayah gushed on the HollywoodLife Podcast, while promoting the music video for her hit “So Good.” “It was cool to be around them because I look up to their work ethic and their careers, so it was super awesome.” The one person she totally fan-girled over? Hayley Williams from Paramore. “I was dying!” Serayah laughed.

The Empire star got her start on the FOX show in 2015, and not only did she capture fans hearts as Tiana, but she also managed to snag her role in “Bad Blood” from it. “Empire just blew up. One day, my mom called me and she was like, ‘Guess what? Taylor Swift and her manager just called me.’ And I was like, “What are you talking about? No, she didn’t. I don’t think that was Taylor, Mom. Are you sure?’ She wanted to have this whole movement,” Serayah revealed, explaining how her role in the “Bad Blood” music video came to be. “Taylor’s super personal. And she’s chill. She likes to be a normal person and I appreciated that.”

Since “Bad Blood,” Taylor and Serayah have remained friends, and now, Serayah has her own empowering music video for her single “So Good,” in which she flexes her dancing skills and vocals and we seriously can’t get enough! No, really — we have “So Good” on repeat, and you will, too!

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