Alyson Hannigan: A ‘Buffy’ Remake With A New Cast ‘Would Hurt’ — ‘I Would Like To Be Involved’

Alyson Hannigan is returning to TV in a voiceover role on Disney Junior’s ‘Fancy Nancy.’ HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with the star about another famous role of hers and the idea of a potential remake.

Alyson Hannigan plays Claire Clancey, the mom of the titular Nancy, in Disney Junior’s all-new animated series Fancy Nancy, which premieres July 13. Alyson has starred in a number of beloved TV shows and movies over the years, including Buffy, How I Met Your Mother, and American Pie. In a world of revivals and remakes, we asked Alyson whether or not she would like to see anything from her past come back. “Sure! I would like to be involved,” Alyson told a HollywoodLife reporter EXCLUSIVELY at a Disney Channel event. “Because it would be weird to see a remake with younger people… It would be like, ‘No, don’t do that!’ (Laughs) I would not want to see that. Like, if they remade Buffy with like a new cast… That would hurt… That would hurt. They would have to be in elementary school because we were in high school.”

HollywoodLife added that a new cast could be the kids of the original cast. “Oh, true!” Alyson replied to HollywoodLife. “Then we could be a part of it, we could be the parents, right? As long as it is plausible.” That’s totally plausible, Alyson! If Buffy’s ever going to come back, it needs to just be a full-scale revival with the OGs. The show recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of its series finale on May 20, 2018.

Fancy Nancy is based on the best-selling book series. Alyson also told HollywoodLife and other reporters why she loves being a part of  Fancy Nancy. “The scripts are incredible, and I feel like I get a new book every time I get a new script,” she said. “And I am so excited that every step of the way to see her come to life. Her room and her accessories and her fanciness is so wonderful. I can immediately tell that my kids will want her room to be their room! I am so happy that my kids get to watch this type of show and all kids do. Because as as parent and as a family you can watch and not have to worry about if something is appropriate or not… So to be able to sit back and relax is such a relief because it is so good! It captures the essence and the songs are so incredible.” Disney Junior has ordered a second season of Fancy Nancy ahead of its series debut.