How Jessica Alba Is Losing Her Baby Weight The Healthy Way — Her Favorite Smoothie

Jessica Alba gave birth 6 months ago, and like most moms, she's still working on shedding the baby weight. We spoke EXCLUSIVELY to her nutritionist to get the details on her diet.

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jessica alba losing baby weight
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Jessica Alba, 37, is not falling prey to the stereotypical, super fast “bounce back” after baby. She revealed on social media on July 4, 2018 that at 6 months postpartum, she’s “Still got 15 lbs to go — this is my most challenging considering I didn’t gain as much with Hayes.” Kelly LeVeque is a certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach that works with Jessica and she revealed EXCLUSIVELY to an update on Jessica’s progress.

“We haven’t done a measurement since our first post-baby meeting earlier this year, but I know Jessica is really happy with how she feels in her clothes,” Kelly told us. “She’s been working out really hard, and following the Fab Four plan, including a morning smoothie. Overall, she’s eating really clean, wholesome foods, with a focus on low carb and less snacking. She’s aware of consuming only antioxidant-rich fruit, like berries, and cutting out all products that start with flour first.”

Here is an example of exactly what she is eating in a typical day:
“a. Breakfast: Fab Four chocolate almond butter smoothie, including organic chocolate plant protein (protein), almond butter (fat) and flax (protein). Follow Jessica’s formula with a new Fab Four digital smoothie tool on here.
b. Lunch: Chicken lettuce wraps or a big salad with roasted veggies.
c. Snack: Handful of almonds or mixed nuts, or raw veggies with a dairy-free ranch dressing or a little bit of hummus.
d. Dinner: Warm dinner of roasted veggies and roasted chicken or pasteur-raised skirt steak. Or could be lettuce-wrapped grilled or broiled fish tacos.”

For women trying to lose weight after pregnancy, you still need to eat! It’s critical to ensure you are getting enough fat, protein and fiber, especially when breastfeeding. “Healthy FAT is a great way to make sure you’re eating enough calories to ensure the milk supply won’t dwindle,” Kelly says. “It’s also a key macronutrient that doesn’t raise insulin or cause a blood sugar spike, so it can help Moms feel calm and relaxed throughout the day. Protein is a phenomenal way to keep sugar cravings in check. A protein deficit will make Moms crave carbs, so consuming enough protein will keep moms fueled and sated, and not caving to cravings.”

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Finally, “Fiber/greens: Consuming Leafy greens and water-packed veggies is a fiber-rich way to stay hydrated. When breastfeeding, it’s important to drink a lot of water (which I know can be challenging sometimes), so getting your fiber + greens source with leafy greens and veggies is also a great way to get high-quality hydration.” Watch Kelly make three delicious smoothies like the one Jessica loves in the video above!