‘Atypical’s Michael Rapaport Saves Plane By Stopping Guy From Opening Emergency Door

Michael Rapaport to the rescue! The actor sprung into action and stopped a man from opening the emergency door during an American Airlines flight on June 23. Get the details here!

Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Michael Rapaport, 48, is not just an actor, he’s a hero. While aboard an American Airlines flight to LA from Houston on June 23, Michael managed to save the entire plane from what could have been a tragic nightmare. A couple rows ahead of Michael, a man was trying to open the emergency door, according to TMZ. “What the f*** are you doing?!” Michael yelled according to Fox Sport director Ted Kennedy, who was also on the flight. Micheal then charged at the man, grabbed him by the shirt, and pulled him away from the door. What a relief!

“I get to the bulkhead and Michael has this guy by the collar and man-handling him away from the emergency exit door,” Ted explained on Twitter. “Michael tells us he was trying to open the door. Crew and staff were all in the back of the plane so nobody was looking out for our safety except. Mr. New York,” Ted continued. After the situation diffused, Michael also took to Twitter to joke about the incident. He also thanked Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Baron Davis, who are also on the flight, for helping him tackle the passenger.

While the situation was pretty scary, the man trying to open the exit told authorities he thought it was the bathroom door. He was reportedly released and continued on to a flight to Vietnam to visit his sick mother after the FBI determined he really was confused.

Nevertheless, it’s certainly a story no one on that plane will ever forget. We’re certainly glad everyone was okay and they were able to land the plane safely.

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