Lil Kim Throws Epic Shade On Nicki Minaj In New Interview: ‘I Don’t Know’ Her – Watch

Oh snap! Lil Kim just pulled a Mariah Carey, throwing shade at Nicki Minaj by saying 'I don't know' her while showing tons of love to Cardi B. We've got the savage video.

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Mariah Carey made famous the ultimate way of shading fellow singers by claiming she “didn’t know” them. Now Lil Kim has pulled a page from Mimi’s diss book and directed it at fellow rapper Nicki Minaj, 35. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the 42-year-old and asked her “You are one of the OG women rappers. What do you make of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj?” Kim shot back “Cardi is my girl. I don’t know the other one.” DAYUM! She wouldn’t even utter Nicki’s name! Not only did blow off Nicki as “the other one,” she went on to totally fangirl over Cardi, who has only been on the rap scene for a year after her debut single Bodak Yellow” blew up in the summer of 2017.

“Cardi is my girl and I am SO excited for my girl Cardi. I can’t wait for her to have her baby. I love you Cardi!” Kim gushed with so much enthusiasm. Yet she wouldn’t even utter Nicki’s name, and she’s been the queen of the rap game for so long now. Ouch. We can’t wait to see how Nicki handles being dismissed as “the other one” when compared rap rookie Cardi. Kim and Nicki have definitely met and do not get along. Kim basically called Nicki a “snake” and a “phony” in an Oct. 2017 interview,

Mariah, 48, made the diss “I don’t know her” famous when asked about Jennifer Lopez, 48, in the early 2000’s, lighting off rumors of a feud between the two women. She was first asked about Beyonce, 36, and fawned over her, saying “Beyonce is fantastic. She’s a great singer and a very sweet person as well. Very sweet.” When the interviewer asked her about JLO, she coldly replied “I don’t know her.” Which pretty much came across as “I don’t know of her.”

As a result, the line has become Mimi’s favorite diss, using it more recently towards young stars with big pipes including Ariana Grande, 24, and Demi Lovato, 25. She even has been asked about JLo repeatedly over the years and has stuck with “I still don’t know her.” Now Lil Kim is getting in on the shade by using the same line about Nicki!

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