BTS Fans Slam Lil Tay For Being A Phony K-Pop Fan– See Scathing Tweets

Lil Tay has new beef, and it's not with Danielle Bregoli. The 9-year-old rapper is being trolled by BTS fans for a wild reason! Get all the details here!

BTS & Lil Tay
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Lil Tay has ruffled more feathers. When the “No Days Off” rapper took to Twitter to share she wanted to collaborate with Korean pop star group BTS, their fans were not enthused. “Y’all, Lil Tay has targeted BTS now. idk how to feel, tbh, but I don’t see no sincerity in this. All I see the crave for clout, so don’t give it to her. Don’t hype it up. Don’t do anything about it. Negative publicity is still publicity,” one fan angrily tweeted. Yikes! “Me, looking at Lil Tay’s tweets about BTS as if she gave a damn who tf they actually are,” another user said. Wow, they’re really letting her have it! Take a look at more tweets below!

But, could Lil Tay just be showing love? “‘No More Dreams’ by BTS always brings out the hood chick in me. When I used to fight in the hood, ‘No More Dreams’ is the song I fight to!” Tay tweeted. Maybe she really is just a fan! Nevertheless, we can understand the outage. After all, Tay hasn’t had the best reputation. In her videos, which have made her pretty famous, Tay can be seen flaunting large amounts of cash, insulting other rappers, and repeatedly cursing. Plus, she also has MAJOR beef with fellow child rapper Danielle Bregoli. It’s gotten so bad that some even were led to believe Tay behaves this way because her family is exploiting her for money.

However, the “youngest flexer of the century” assured fans this was not the case during a sit down interview with ABC News. “No one is forcing me to do this,” Tay explained. “This is my decision. I am happy with what I’m doing,” Tay continued. Well, there you have it folks! So, maybe a collab with BTS wouldn’t be so bad.

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