Dieter Addison: 5 Things About Neighbor Hilary Duff Called Out for Allegedly Smoking Weed & More

Hilary Duff went on a late night rant against her neighbor, Dieter Addison, and her story about him is wild. Check out these five fast facts about Dieter and the entire situation, here.

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1. Hilary Duff called him out on Instagram for allegedly smoking pot and leaving trash in their hallway. The Younger actress went on Instagram after working a “15 hour” day to complain about Dieter Addison, and what he’s allegedly doing in their SoHo apartment building, by name. Hilary told her 9.2 million Instagram followers in her story, “Calling all New Yorkers with a–hole neighbors—really open to any advice you have. My neighbor smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. My apartment reeks. Seriously, what do I do?

“Worked 15 hours yesterday and back at work again at 5:30 a.m. This is the real world Dieter the 🍆,” she said, referring to Dieter Addison, whom she’s lived next door to for three years. She then told him to get a vape. “Your smoking ain’t delicious… We know your parents pay your rent. We know you’ve never worked a day in your life—must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building. Don’t be a dick dude—and put your trash down the shoot [sic].”

She also said that there was frightening noise coming from his apartment. “Stop breaking all your furniture when you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend,” she said. “It scares me and my [son, Luca]. Therapy is cheaper. I know your [sic] still sleeping. I really hope your hang over hurts” Yikes!

2. He has denied all of Hilary’s allegations. Dieter was understandably angry about Hilary’s allegations, and immediately defended himself against her Instagram rant. Dieter told Page Six that he’s hiring lawyers because he doesn’t spoke pot, and lives full-time with a sober companion. “I live with a sober companion,” he said. “I’ve been sober for months now. I smoke a ton of cigarettes, don’t get me wrong, but this is a smoking building, which is why I signed the lease here.

“When they moved in I turned down the music right away,” he said. “When [Hilary] first complained about smoke, I did offer to send in my own contractors to fix the ventilation problems. But the building owners did not get back to me to give the okay for the work to be done, but I did try.” He also said his parents are not paying his rent; he works for their real estate company, and is also an event producer.

3. Hilary’s reps released a statement about the situation. “Hilary and her young son have been subjected to excessive secondhand smoke, late night noise, garbage in the hallways, and an overall hazardous living environment from this man for months now,” her reps said. “She tried numerous times in polite ways to handle this situation including countless sessions with the landlords of the building. As every mother knows, protecting your kid has to come first and foremost and that is her primary goal. She reached a breaking point after a 15 hour work day and yet another sleepless night.”

4. He claims that Hilary’s boyfriend punched him. Dieter called 911 on May 17, claiming that her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, “barged in [my apartment[ and tried to punch me in the face. “I tried to avoid his fist, but he hit me on the head,” he told Page Six. “So I pushed him out of the apartment, but I didn’t assault him. I didn’t want a fight. I immediately called my lawyer who told me to call the police.”

He later filed a full police report with the First Precinct after NYPD officers took down his complaint at the scene. A rep for Matthew Koma told the outlet, “These allegations are untrue.”

5. He said he’s now getting hate mail and threats. Dieter made his social media private after Hilary called him out on Instagram. The alleged threats have gotten so bad that he believes he now needs to hire a bodyguard. He is considering taking a restraining order out against the actress.

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