How The Kardashians Maintain Their Laser Hair Removal In The Summer Sun — Expert Advice

The Kardashians are obsessed with laser hair removal & get it on just about every part of their bodies, because of the long-lasting effects. But, how do they stay safe in the sun with their lasered spots on display? A LaserAway expert tells you everything you need to know ahead of summer!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

“I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms … my entire body is hairless,” Kim Kardashian once told Allure, and she isn’t kidding! The KKW Beauty mogul has been a huge laser hair removal advocate and even gives fans a glimpse into her touch up appointments. The almost-forever effects of laser hair removal, as well as the mostly pain-free procedure, make it one of today’s hottest beauty trends, but before taking the plunge, it’s also important to be informed about the process, and what you can and can’t do! Chelsea Nathie, a LaserAway clinician spoke to exclusively to give some expert advice on what to know before you get your laser hair removal, and how to safely maintain it, especially during the hot summer. “When you’ve been in the sun, your body produces melanocytes, which is a specialized skin cell that, after 10 days, produces the protective skin-darkening pigment, melanin,” Chelsea explains. “The reason we say that you shouldn’t be in the sun 10 days prior to your laser treatment, or 48 hours after your treatment, is because the laser reacts to active melanin.” The laser negatively reacts to the active melanin and can create micro-crusting (which looks like coffee grounds on the skin) or hyper-pigmentation (when your skin becomes darker in certain spots). “The laser has the same effect on spray tans,” Chelsea warns, adding that people should be sure to wait the 10 days, post-sun bathing and spray tanning.

The clinician also adds that it’s important to wear sunscreen on the treated area, even after the 48 hours, and if it’s a Brazilian, just make sure your bathing suit is double-lined. “It’s so important to protect your skin in the sun,” Chelsea says. At LaserAway, in particular, the clinicians are careful to ensure that patients get the best results, using the finest Schure laser, attached to Zimmer Chiller that blows cooling air as they zap away your unwanted hair. The laser hair removal treatment is perfect for those who struggle with in-growns, or, like Kim K., stubborn dark hair, after 6 to 8 treatments, every 6 weeks, you’ll be hairless!

LaserAway has offices in New York, California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada, and are constantly opening new locations! Make your appointment today and take advantage of their many treatments offered, including Coolsculpting, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and more!

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