11 People Tom Brady Has Looked Like: Melania Trump, Michael C. Hall, Justin Bieber & More

Stormy Daniels released a sketch of the thug who allegedly confronted her in Vegas in 2011, and Twitter was quick to compare the image to Tom Brady. Here are even more people the NFL player looks like!

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of Twitter

Tom Brady has quite a few doppelgängers in Hollywood! The 40-year-old has not only been compared to similar looking celebs like Michael C. Hall and Matt Damon, but also to some unexpected faces like Justin Bieber and Melania Trump. If you’re scratching your head wondering how the NFL player could look like the First Lady, let me explain. When he arrived to the Super Bowl this year, he was filmed wearing black sunglasses and an oversized grey coat. Twitter subsequently lost its collective mind, and some pointed out that he was the spitting image of Melania. Thus, a lookalike meme was born.

While Brady emulating Donald Trump‘s wife is pretty wild, one of the strangest cases of the New England Patriots quarterback looking like someone else actually came about earlier this week. Stormy Daniels appeared on The View on April 17, and during the show she released a police sketch of the man who allegedly threatened her in 2011 to stay quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. After the interview, many people quickly pointed out that the drawing looked strikingly like the NFL player. TBH, we could totally see where Twitter was coming from!

Thankfully, Brady doesn’t seem to mind the memes made about him and the sketch. “He thinks the likeness that everyone is joking about is something he has to laugh about as well,” a source close to the football star told HollywoodLife. “He feels like its something that the late night shows will have fun with and it’s innocent humor so he isn’t really worried about it. He is laughing it off for the most part since it will be out of the news in no time.” What a good sport!

But the police sketch isn’t the only time Brady has bared resemblance to another person. From Michael C. Hall to Chris Pratt, see all the times he’s looked like a different famous person in the gallery above!

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