‘Frozen’ Star Patti Murin Is Waiting For Kristen Bell To Call Her ‘Soon’ To Chat, Anna-To-Anna

Do you want to build a snowman? Sure, but more than that, we want Kristen Bell to connect with Patti Murin, the incredible star who plays 'Anna' in Broadway's 'Frozen'! Patti surely is game, as she talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about wanting to meet her.

If you live in NYC, eight times a week you can see the incredible Patti Murin throw on her Arendelle best and wow the crowds in the stage production of Frozen on Broadway. While she is the originator of the role on stage, she inherits the role from Kristen Bell, who voiced the beloved Disney Princess in the animated flick a few years ago. While chatting at Variety’s Power of Women event, we asked Patti if K. Bell has been to see the show, or if she’s called to chat about sharing the role of  a lifetime. Sadly, the phone hasn’t rung quite yet. “I haven’t yet!” she shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “I have been such a fan of hers since Veronica Mars though, so even when the movie came out, before I even knew it was going to be a Broadway show, I was just so psyched that she was doing this role, so hopefully soon!” Yes, fingers crossed, soon. After all, Kristen did just wrap on her voice work for the sequel to Frozen, so they would have a lot to talk about.

While Patti clearly had nice things to say about Kristen, she also had amazing things to say about the character she portrays. “I love playing Anna, because she’s so energetic, she’s so determined to get what she wants and what she thinks it right,” she shared. And while it’s clearly a thrill to throw on a gown and play princess for sold-out audiences, for Patti, it’s the strong message it sends the young girls seeing the show that’s truly special for her. “I want them to believe to never give up,” she said of her young fans, “because Anna definitely does not ever give up, and whenever she encounters a problem, she figures a way around it. And I also want them to take away the extraordinary power of love between women. Between friends, between sisters. That true love doesn’t have to be romantic love, it can be with your family, with your friends, and to take that and learn how to support other women and learn to love them with all of your heart, which is something I don’t think that we’ve necessarily been taught as a society, as of yet. I think we’re just now starting to learn how to do that.”

Couldn’t agree more, Patti! And that surely was the feeling in the room at the luncheon, especially with women like Tina Fey, Emily Blunt, Tarana Burke, & Alicia Keys being honored for their contributions to making the world a better, fairer place for women.  It’s true what a little snowman once said — some people are worth melting for.!~ 


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