The Undertaker Returns To WrestleMania & Drives John Cena’s Head Into The Mat For The Win

With a  flash of lightning, The Undertaker came back from the dead to face John Cena at WrestleMania. What followed was pure annihilation, as The Deadman drove Cena's skull into the center of the ring!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of WWE

Going into WrestleMania 34, the WWE Universe wasn’t even 100% certain they were going to see The Undertaker (even after weeks of John Cena, 40, calling the 53-year-old WWE icon out.) What they got was a WrestleMania moment, as The Undertaker did return – to absolutely destroy John Cena. John just could not stop The Deadman, and the match was soon over, thanks to Taker’s tombstone piledriver. The Phenom drove John’s head into the middle of the ring to claim another WrestleMania victory.

John actually started the night off as a fan. He had no match scheduled so he was sitting in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with the rest of the WWE Universe, until a ref came up and told him that “he’s here.” John SPRINTED to the back and everyone was wondering – what’s going on? After a little bit of chicanery with WWE Superstar Elias, suddenly – The Undertaker’s gear was in the ring. A flash of lightning struck the gear, making it vanish! It reappeared – on the body of the Deadman, who proceeded to return to the ring and lay waste to Cena.

Many thought they had seen the last of The Deadman at the end of WrestleMania 33, following his defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns, 33. This was just his second loss at the event, where he was once undefeated. While losing to Brock Lesnar, 40, broke “the streak,” losing to Roman seemed to break Taker’s spirit. He lingered on in the ring after the match, put on his gear to leave…  before pausing to take off his hat, fold up his coat and leave it all in the middle of the squared circle. Onlookers thought that this was the Deadman closing the book on a 27-year long career.

And that was it! No retirement speech on the following Raw or SmackDown. No “we wish the Undertaker well in his future endeavors” from the WWE. Nothing. Outside of a bizarre appearance at the Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary show, no one saw or heard from the Deadman. John Cena, denied a chance to wrestle for a world title at ‘Mania, started to call out Taker for “one last match.” The “face that runs the place” went unanswered, even up until the event started. After that beating, John may regret that he opened his mouth.

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