‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: [SPOILER] Is Told She Has Breast Cancer — Is She Going To Die?

Oh no! In a shocking turn of events during the April 5 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy', a doctor was told she has breast cancer. Is she going to die?

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Could this be the way Arizona Robbins exits Grey’s Anatomy at the close of its current season? During the April 5 episode, a doctor told her she has breast cancer. At first, we were heartbroken. But then, we quickly discovered that the doctor was a big fat liar, so we breathed a sigh of relief. Let us explain… When a female patient was admitted to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she told both Arizona and Owen that she just received her second chemo treatment after getting diagnosed with breast cancer. But when they did a full body scan, they didn’t see any form of cancer within her body. So after looking up her doctor, Arizona and Owen realized he wasn’t certified. Odd, right? Well, they thought so too, so they disguised themselves as a couple seeking a mammogram, and upon their visit to Dr. Hansen’s office, Arizona was told that she also has breast cancer. At first, they thought it was a lie because of what they discovered with their patient, but once they looked at the sonogram, they too saw the cancer reading. Naturally, Arizona immediately broke down in tears. And so did we, until — like we said, she went back to Grey Sloan and did a reading of her own. This time, there was no cancer. So they soon realized that Dr. Hansen is not only lying to his patients, but he’s showing them fake sonograms. So disgusting! Fortunately, Owen had his way with Dr. Hansen before handing him over to police. So we’re happy about that, but we still don’t know how Arizona will exit the series.

Meanwhile, Richard’s AA sponsor Olive was admitted to the hospital with a DNR. She was suffering from liver failure, and while Richard wanted to save her, she felt she reached her limit. She actually made the decision 8 months ago, but never told him because she didn’t think he’d be able to deal with the death of his sponsor, whom he said he has talked to several times a week for the last 20 years. “I didn’t know how to sponsor you through my death,” she told him. Still, Richard was desperate to save her, so he enlisted the help of Meredith and Maggie. Meredith kept working on her lab project in hopes of saving people like Olive, but Maggie urged Richard not to put Olive through experimental procedures like she wanted to do with her mom before her passing. In the end, Richard seemed to come around, as he hosted an AA meeting in Olive’s room with himself and Amelia.

Someone else whose came around this week was April. With her faith seemingly restored, she pretty much went on an apology tour. First, she apologized to Koracick for using him for sex. Then she apologized to Owen for worrying him and Casey for being mean to him. But her most important apology of the night was given to Jackson, when she finally revealed why she had been acting so crazy. “I lost God” after losing Matthew’s wife, she told him. And she was furious with Jackson because he never believed in God the way she wanted him to, so when she started losing her faith, she felt as though Jackson had won, and that angered her. But she said that even when she felt God wasn’t there, Jackson was, so she thanked him for that. Then, when she finally apologized to Maggie — her last of the night — she accidentally mentioned how she “jumped” Jackson in a closet. Eek!

Other happenings this week included Alex nearly pummeling Koracick, when he discovered they had no way of treating his patient Kimmie. But he stopped himself before attacking him like he had with DeLuca. Also, Bailey demanded sex from Warren after he started treating her like she was dying, following her heart attack. It was her way of reminding him that she’s not dead yet and she has no plans of dying anytime soon!

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