Aubrey O’Day Slammed As ‘Thirsty’ By Ex Pauly D’s Co-Star Over Alleged Donald Trump Jr. Affair

Aubrey O’Day’s won't be hanging out at the ‘Jersey Shore’ anytime soon. The Situation says he wasn’t surprised by her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr., shading Pauly D’s ex-girlfriend as someone starved for attention.

“I am friend with both of them,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 35, said about Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, 37, and Aubrey O’Day, 34, while appearing on the April 3 episode of Page Six TV. “But, I am obviously very partial to Pauly, I have to side with Pauly. Aubrey is a very nice girl but she tends to be parched at times … a little thirsty. I love her, but yes, that is, in my opinion.” Yikes. Though Mike began talking about Aubrey over the possibility of her reuniting with Pauly, the conversation quickly turned to her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr., 40.

“I’m surprised it has been kept a secret this long,” Mike said. The shade! “I didn’t know about it [before it broke.] I heard there was someone she had hooked up with who was very high profile. But I have no details on that.” Don Jr. and Aubrey allegedly hooked up after her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. Afterwards, she and Pauly D would start a romance that would lead them to a season of Marriage Boot Camp. Though Audrey and Pauly D’s season airs later this year, sources tell Page Six that Pauly D breaks up with Audrey on the show. Damn, Pauly D. Why you got to do Audrey like that – on reality television, no less?

The Situation isn’t the only one throwing shade at Aubrey. Wendy Williams, 53, got a bit rude when discussing her alleged affair. “You haven’t done anything since you got fired on Celebrity Apprentice, [and] you didn’t do much before that.” Wendy even went on to take a shot at Aubrey’s age, which left Aubrey fuming that of all people Wendy would come after her for looking old.

Though, no one should be too worried about Aubrey, as she seems more than ready to take on her haters. In her first social media post since the reports of her alleged affair broke, the Danity Kane singer didn’t seem bothered by all the hate and allegations being slung her way. “Embrace the shade,” she said, captioning a pic of herself. Though it didn’t confirm or deny her affair with the president’s son, Aubrey did confirm she’s strong enough to weather any shady storm.

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